CLIP Resin Cleaning: Why Rent When You Can Buy?

CLIP Resin CleaningSo you’ve decided to get a Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) printer. Congrats, this technology can print up to 100x faster than comparable stereolithography printers with similar or higher resolution. One critical step to be aware of in the CLIP process is cleaning the resin after printing. If you don’t want to waste valuable engineering and technician time hand-cleaning parts, you’ll have to consider the part washer add-on for CLIP resin cleaning. However, this is probably going to set you back tens of thousands of dollars just for a three-year lease. Additionally, this equipment can only clean one build at a time, making it difficult to run production or even small batches.

Fortunately, there is another option. PostProcess Technologies has developed automated and intelligent solutions that offer a more attractive ROI as well as improved efficiencies. The DEMI family of solutions can clean resin from CLIP parts and printer components. They deliver precise, hands-free support removal.

The DEMI family of solutions includes:

All of our solutions include the additive-formulated chemistry developed for resin removal that replaces the need for unsafe and unpleasant alcohols which were the previous standard. Along with our proprietary chemistry, our solutions offer additional control through our automated and intelligent software.

To request more information or see a custom ROI cost savings calculation, contact PostProcess.

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New White Paper: Smart Chemistry for 3D Printed PolyJet Support Removal

PolyJet 3D printed partFor this week’s blog post, we’re happy to share with you a deep dive into an area we regularly see exciting results with the implementation of our automated, intelligent systems.

PolyJet has grown to become one of the most utilized 3D printed polymers since its inception two decades ago and for most of that time, post-printing was only achieved through tedious manual cleaning or ineffective traditional finishing equipment. This white paper talks a little about how we approach this task differently – with a comprehensive solution that synchronizes hardware, chemistry, and software to revolutionize process.

Access the White Paper here.

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