New Infographic: How It Works… Software-Driven 3D Post-Printing with AUTOMAT3D™

As the pioneer of the automated 3D post-processing market, we’re regularly fielding questions as to how exactly a software-driven post-printing system works. It’s a mind shift for the industry to think about digitizing the tribal knowledge that they have developed in their print operations. But once they see the transformational benefits of software-driven automation with increased throughput, consistency, and productivity, the light bulb goes off.

So we put together this quick reference to the question “What is AUTOMAT3D™?”. And while software is the brains of the operation, it’s just one component of our comprehensive hardware, software, and chemistry solution. Learn more about our entire suite of post-printing solutions here.

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AUTOMAT3D Software post-printing

Keeping Pace with 3D Printing’s Rapid Innovation – Meet the Next Generation DEMI 800, Born from Customer Feedback

Support Removal 3D printing post processingEvery day there’s another article about the latest 3D print material or technology that fills our news feeds and inboxes. As the pioneer of the automated post-print market, we’re focused on transforming the 3D printing post-processing space at a rapid pace as well, eliminating the bottleneck to let loose exponential market growth.

In our pioneering journey, we’ve become experts at listening to customer feedback and evolving our solutions to align with the fast-growing market…not just in the scalability and versatility of our product line that addresses all 3D print technologies across a range of part sizes and print volumes, but also with the functional design of our systems.

So today we want you to meet the next generation PostProcess DEMI 800 and learn about the newest features born from real customer feedback, a constant source of our innovation. These are a just a few examples of the ways we’ve made the DEMI 800 easy to operate and maintain, so you can press the PLAY button and get back to printing more parts.

Improved Footprint & Access: Reduced width by 20% for a better fit on crowded production floors. Open access on all sides of the machine with wide-swinging doors on 4 sides. The electrical enclosure includes a lift-off door and swings out over 90 degrees to allow access to both the electrical and plumbing components from the back of the machine.

Improved Interface: Building on the success of the original model, we’ve added an overflow strainer to catch larger pieces of support material. The strainer has been redesigned to be smaller, lighter, and easier to lift in and out (see picture above). The redesigned tank top has lighter bi-fold lids and a drip-catching rim – any detergent that makes its way onto the top of the unit is prevented from dripping down the sides and instead runs back into the tank.

Improved Operation: A new all-stainless filter with easy-to-use drain and shutoff valves, manifold cleanout ports, and main machine drain valves with a convenient garden hose adapter has been added. Plumbing that delivers detergent from the pump to the tank has been reconfigured to use fewer overall parts with a more streamlined design. An upgrade has been made to three cooling fans blowing on the tank bottom to more precisely regulate process temperature.

The DEMI 800’s hardware is just one part of our comprehensive solution. We also continue to innovate and improve our first-of-its-kind AUTOMAT3D™ software and chemistry formulations, specifically tailored to 3D print materials.

Learn more about our entire Support Removal family of systems here.

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