New White Paper: Considerations for Optimizing Surface Finishing of 3D Printed Inconel 718

DMLS Metal PrintingMetal and metal alloy parts can now be made with near limitless design freedom to high standards using a wide range of metal powders via additive manufacturing (AM). And while prototyping metals with 3D printed technologies has proven quite valuable, it is no longer solely for design validation. It is now being used for the production of components for the most demanding applications in aerospace, automotive, medical, dental, and industrial industries.

This added value does not come without its challenges, however. Many of these challenges appear in the post-print stage after the geometry has been generated in achieving an acceptable finish on the part.

Our latest white paper discussions a novel approach to smoothing the surface profile for one particular metal produced by AM, nickel superalloy Inconel 718. Key considerations reviewed in this paper include part density and hardness, corrosion (chemical) resistance, grain structure, as well as manufacturing factors including the impact of print technology and print orientation on surface profile outcome.

Learn about how combining software-driven automation and a patent-pending chemistry solution dramatically improves surface finish results including reduced technician touch time and increased consistency and productivity.

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