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“The knowledge and expertise of PostProcess regarding cleaning 3D printed parts is enormous.”

- Marketiger

“Toro performance standards require a degree of precision that can only be achieved through an automated solution. PostProcess delivers an unprecedented level of precision that is paving the way for the digital manufacturing revolution, and Toro is excited to be a part of it.”

- The Toro Company


“The BASE has been an invaluable part of our (COVID-19 response) workflow. We are able to load the BASE with large numbers of face shields and ear relief straps and wash them all within 2 hours. This allows our team to assemble and package within a day. We are also using the BASE to wash parts that are printed in our other facilities that normally use traditional parts washing tanks which also saves us a lot of time.”

-SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design)


“We have chosen the DECI Duo because of its repeatability, minimal setup, processing times, and cost of ownership.”

- Ingersoll Rand, Compression Technologies and Services


“Before, it might take an operator an hour and a half or two hours to clean a tray of parts coming off our Polyjet. Now with the PostProcess machine, operator time is down to less than 10 minutes.”

- Christie Digital





Christie Digital Testimonial

Harbec Testimonial

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