Additive’s Leading Survey on Post-Printing Trends
is Now Open to 3D Print Users

The 3rd annual edition of the Additive Manufacturing Post-Printing Industry Trends Survey is now open and seeking participation from additive manufacturing users!

Data from this one-of-a-kind survey of industry participants will be tabulated and summarized with key highlights and insights and published in a one-of-a-kind comprehensive report, providing an in-depth look from the end-user perspective of common practices, challenges, and market developments in 3D Post-Printing, also known as Post-Processing.

All additive manufacturing users who are familiar with post-printing are encouraged to participate in this survey, which is open until September 17th, 2021. In addition to being granted early access to the report, respondents who choose to do so will be entered to win one of five pairs of Beats Studio Buds! Survey results are expected to be released in October.

*Official rules for Beats drawing can be found here.

Download Post-Print Trends Reports from Previous Years:



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