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Surface Finish Designed for Your Requirements.

Rough unfinished surfaces on 3D printed parts show build lines and the raw nature of the build process. Traditional methods of like hand finishing are expensive, inconsistent, and do not scale when production runs are more than a few. PostProcess automates surface finishing for additive manufacturing with our proven, patented and patent-pending technology-based solutions integrating hardware with proprietary software and chemistry. We are automating today’s manual methods and ensuring every printed part meets your specifications, such as desired Roughness Average (Ra), and dimensional consistency while keeping the fine-feature detail of the 3D printed part intact. See some examples of finished parts for yourself, and learn more about our comprehensive surface finishing solutions on our FAQ page.

Benefits of PostProcess Surface Finishing.

Unparalleled Consistency

It is virtually impossible to achieve uniformity on every part with manual finishing. Our automated surface finishing ensures that every part is identical, every time - to your specification with the precise Ra required.

Increased Throughput

PostProcess machines work continuously with limited technician involvement required. This, combined with the ability to finish many parts in the same cycle, speeds overall throughput and ensures that the post-print finishing never hinders the production runs.

Greater Productivity

PostProcess harnesses extensive engineering expertise applied to surface finishing of numerous printed parts in the same batch and at faster speeds than manual processing. Our solution frees up the technician’s time to focus on higher-value activities.

How it Works.

Proprietary Software

We first understand the 3D printing methodology, material and geometry to effectively apply our multiple technologies, including energy optimization, tightly controlled heat, non-traditional vibratory energy, and additive-formulated consumables to accurately finish the surface to meet your requirements.

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Advanced Hardware

Proven reliable for all types of geometries – simple to complex, our machines are specifically engineered for 3D printed parts and available in sizes to meet varying volumes. Understanding cycle time requirements, part geometry and material, as well as batch size, we offer the best solution to achieve your desired outcome.

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Additive-Formulated Consumables

Our abrasive and polishing media, used in conjunction with our detergents, are designed to work with our software and hardware to perform automated surface finishing. Our media, available in different density and grit, is designed to accurately deliver the correct amount of energy to produce the desired surface finish.

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Meet the Right Solution for Your Needs.

Design Series

Designed for small geometries and with a reduced cycle time.


Production Series

Designed for small to large geometries.


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