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Software Driven Post-Printing for PolyJet Technologies


Today’s PolyJet Post-Processing Problem

3D Printing with PolyJet technologies has historically been encumbered with messy and inefficient post-printing. Highly dependent on manual labor, performing support removal with picks, brushes, water blasters, and traditional dunk tanks, today’s approach cannot scale to deliver customer-ready parts. Additionally, legacy tumbling machines for surface finishing often damage delicate PolyJet geometries. These traditional manufacturing approaches are not optimized for additive manufacturing, are time-consuming, and deliver inconsistent results.


The PostProcess Solution for PolyJet Post-Printing

PostProcess is solely focused on solving additive manufacturing’s post-print bottleneck problem with our comprehensive software, hardware, and chemistry approach. Learn about the industry’s first and only automated and intelligent solutions trusted for PolyJet support removal and surface finishing, designed to deliver increased throughput and unparalleled consistency no matter what scale of operation.

SLA resin cleaning machine

Software Intelligence

PostProcess solutions bring proven, unmatched software automation to PolyJet support removal and surface finishing with our AUTOMAT3D™ platform. Software-controlled algorithms manage and optimize the process while also offering proactive maintenance management and customized settings for both control and flexibility.

SLA resin cleaning machine

Support Removal & Surface Finishing Hardware

PostProcess’ patented Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC)  support removal technology fully immerses parts and print trays to allow chemistry to access complex geometries. Our Suspended Rotational Force (SRF) solutions deliver optimized energy with our proprietary additive formulated consumables for hands-free, consistent surface finishing.

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Additive Formulated Chemistry

Our proprietary Chemistry is designed to work specifically with our SVC and SRF technology and has been tested and proven across a wide range of materials. Offering a safer work environment, our pre-mixed detergents are designed to be user-friendly and to minimize waste handling.

Unlock Your PolyJet 3D Printing.

Reduced Labor & Operator Error

A simple, software-controlled, intuitive interface with extensive process monitoring and proactive, preventative maintenance warnings eliminate user error with a one-button recipe selection for repeatability. Additionally, our technology provides the ability to remove SUP705, SUP706, & SUP707 with one solution.

Higher Throughput

The PostProcess comprehensive system of software, hardware, and chemistry is the fastest PolyJet support removal solution in the market. Continually proven to increase throughput by over 30% compared to traditional manual water blasting, our SVC systems are controlled by AUTOMAT3D software to reduce technician attendance time dramatically.

Increased Consistency & Reduced Damage

Our proprietary solutions utilize software control of multiple energy sources to optimize PolyJet support removal and surface finishing. This is especially important for complex parts or parts that have very intricate details or very thin walls. PostProcess’ technology provides the ability to print more difficult part geometries with less part warpage and breakage, and more consistency from part to part.

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