Our Team Combines Expertise with a Pioneering Spirit

Our leadership team brings to PostProcess Technologies extensive experience from high-growth industry leaders in advanced technology, driving our company with an energizing, pioneering spirit.

CEO Leader PostProcess Jeff Mize

Jeff Mize

Jeff Mize, our CEO, brings an extensive background in rapidly scaling technology startups and creating fast, flexible and fun environments – as well as mastery of the power nap. He was the commercial leader behind the rapid growth of Climate Corporation (digital agricultural platform) and NAVTEQ Corporation (digital maps), selling for $1.1B to Monsanto and $8.1B to Nokia, respectively. Jeff received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Champaign, so he can hold his own in meetings with our really smart Engineering team.

Founder CTO PostProcess Daniel Hutchinson

Daniel J. Hutchinson

Daniel J. Hutchinson, PostProcess founder, President, and CTO, leveraged training in radar interrogation and signal analysis to develop our patent-pending technology. Prior to founding PostProcess, Daniel was with Northrop Grumman developing signal analysis equipment while dreaming of a way to make an impact on the world. Out of high school, he entered the service while attempting to break the world record for the number of college credits earned, earning Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration credentials. “A man provided with paper, pencil, and eraser, and strict discipline is in effect a universal machine.” – Alan Turing

Dean VonBank

Dean VonBank, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, is a seasoned sales executive with extensive global experience. Prior to PostProcess, his impressive track record at NAVTEQ and Honeywell include developing sales strategies delivering triple-digit growth, while creating fantastic customer relationships. Providing the perfect fit for startup life, Dean has experience managing his household “zoo” of children and double-digit pets. Dean received his MBA from Northwestern University and Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota.

Nathan Harris

Nathan Harris, Vice President of Sales, Americas, entered the additive industry with 3DVision Technologies where he had success in building a nationally recognized sales and engineering organization. His career has focused on sales leadership, with a highlight in strategic planning and execution. A former collegiate soccer player and active crossfitter, he’s no stranger to competition and succeeding as a team and plans on whipping PostProcess into shape for a Tough Mudder race. Nathan received his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Purdue University and holds his Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

Frank Kozak

Frank Kozak, General Counsel, brings a wealth of experience from 20 years in legal and management roles at NAVTEQ / Nokia / HERE Technologies. During his tenure at these related companies, he oversaw the filing of more than 3,000 patents, over 500 of which he wrote personally. When he’s not jamming out on his beloved guitar, Frank makes sure that our intellectual property and legal matters are in tip-top shape, helping to develop a world-class patent portfolio. Frank earned his law degree from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law and his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Gorden Schubert, Jr.

Gorden, Vice President of Development Engineering & Operations, has a solid foundation in manufacturing and operations. He has garnered valuable insights from both corporate giant General Motors and the innovative scale-up Viridi Parente. He is revered for his process-oriented approach and is celebrated as a candid communicator with a rapid decision-making pace. Gorden’s professional ethos embodies adaptability, resilience, and innovation. He leverages his leadership to cultivate collaborative, accountable cultures that prioritize continuous improvement and excellence.

He earned his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Buffalo State where he also played for the varsity football team. He also holds a Masters in M.E. from the University of Buffalo.

"The exciting part of being on the PostProcess team is knowing that you are a part of something that has unlimited potential."

Andy, Operations

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Adam, Engineering

"Automated post-printing is the missing element in the additive manufacturing workflow. PostProcess not only solves actual challenges in the 3D printing industry, it allows this industry to scale to its fullest potential. This is why we are here. To change the game."

Alain, Sales

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Craig, Engineering

"I'm thrilled about the hands-on opportunities, allowing me to learn directly on PostProcess solutions, participating in concrete applications like benchmarks."

Clovis, Engineering

"Our open office layout creates a dynamic, collaborative environment. As a startup, it works because there’s always a lot of balls in the air and everyone is collaborating real-time."

Denise, Administration

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Florian, Sales
PostProcess Software Engineering

"I’m driven by the opportunity to create the architecture for today’s software and the roadmap for tomorrow’s advancements. It’s exciting that what we’re creating will be the future of an entire industry."

Hugh, Engineering

"There’s so much value that PostProcess provides, even beyond our technology itself. As the Technical Support Lead, I get to interact with customers who are benefiting from our solutions day in and day out, and work alongside smart, ambitious people while I’m doing it."

Jack, Engineering

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Jason, Engineering

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Jim, Sales

"The opportunity to utilize my leadership and operations experience to actively contribute to the growth of a start up organization was too exciting to pass up."

Kathy, Operations

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Ken, Sales

"Working in a startup like Post Process is very challenging and exciting. Things are going fast and the team is really collaborative. We are all rowing in the same direction to achieve our goals."

Magali, Operations
3D Post Printing Engineering Manager

"We’re the first ones to let software control the process. Creating something that didn't exist means we know how to move quickly and use everything we learn to get better."

Marc, Engineering

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Maria, Product

Coming Soon!

Mathias, Sales

“Leading the Chemistry R&D effort at PostProcess is my dream job! I love the challenge of creating a solution or solving a problem that provides our customers with something that they didn't know they wanted.”

Matthew, Chemistry

"Working as a collaborative team in our fast-paced, startup environment is not only rewarding but highly productive. It’s exciting to work as a team to move the needle and achieve big things!"

Mike, Engineering

"Regardless of what my work day looks like, there’s pretty much a guarantee that I’ll be able to put my long-standing passion for AM to use, and help customers redistribute their time to more innovative work."

Mike, Engineering

Maxime, Engineering

Pat, Operations

"I love the challenges of an early-stage company and the idea that each individual is responsible for the success of the company. Everyone plays an important role and has a chance to be pioneers in their field."

Rick, Engineering

"Speaking with customers every day, it’s obvious that there is an essential need for our solutions. It’s exciting working for a company that tackles a question that hasn’t been answered yet in the industry."

Robby, Sales Operations
PostProcess Sales Engineering 3D Printing

"The most interesting aspect of our technology is how rapidly it evolves, to the point that we are developing solutions to challenges that had no remedy just a couple of years ago. It’s invigorating to be part of a company that is creating its own industry!"

Ryan, Sales

Sam, Operations

"I'm excited to be part of a start up and learn more about additive manufacturing from people who are passionate about this industry. I can't wait to share more content about our automated solutions!"

Sarah, Marketing

"Thanks to my diverse career prior to PostProcess, I can take the most of my different skills to help me conquer the challenge of building our European branch from the ground up."

Ségolène, Operations

“As a Software Engineer at a startup, you are given a blank canvas with an open path to explore, learn, and create a software program from the ground up. It gives you the confidence to make great things happen!”

Sergei, Engineering

Shaun, Sales

"Daring in design, cautious in execution" is an old quote by Rockefeller that accurately emulates what we do on a daily basis, pioneering new technologies to enable true end-to-end additive workstreams all while ensuring our customers operations run smoothly."

Sixten, Sales

Stevie, Chemistry

"One of the most surprising and exciting aspects of PostProcess is how many industries we touch. From large established companies to new high-tech businesses, I had no idea the scope and breadth of 3D printing in manufacturing today."

Tom, Engineering

"As a recent master's graduate, the opportunity to join a startup like PostProcess is a true blessing. Engaging in the synergy of software, hardware, and controls, every day presents an opportunity for me to gain invaluable knowledge and experience."

Yuvan, Software

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