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Software Driven Post-Printing for FDM Technologies


Today’s FDM Post-Processing Problem

Highly dependent on manual labor, support removal for 3D printed FDM has historically been inefficiently performed with pliers, picks, and dunk tanks that warp parts. Hand-sanding to achieve a desired surface finish provides inconsistent results and offers a slow return on investment. Even traditional manufacturing tumbler solutions require high attended technician time. These archaic approaches simply cannot scale to deliver customer-ready parts and fulfill the promise of a production-scale future for additive manufacturing.

The PostProcess Solution for FDM Post-Printing

Learn about the first and only automated and intelligent solutions for FDM support removal and surface finishing, designed to deliver increased throughput and unparalleled consistency for your 3D printing operation. PostProcess is solely focused on solving additive manufacturing’s post-print bottleneck problem with a comprehensive software, hardware, and chemistry approach.


Software Intelligence

With control, flexibility, and automation, PostProcess brings software intelligence to FDM post-processing with our AUTOMAT3D™ platform. Software-enabled hardware provides the ability to store “recipes” as well as continuously monitor and react to key process factors to optimize part finish.

FDM support removal machine

Support Removal & Surface Finishing Hardware

We designed our Volumetric Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology with high volume and flow jet streams spraying bidirectionally coupled with a perpendicular linear motion, ensuring fast cycle times with virtually no damaged parts. Our Suspended Rotational Force (SRF) solutions use software control to manage agitation to ensure the part is finished to your specifications every time.

support removal detergent

Additive Formulated Chemistry

PostProcess’ pre-mixed detergents optimize the removal of supports while leaving the build material in perfect condition. Designed to work specifically with VVD and SRF technology, our detergents have been tested and proven across a wide range of materials. Designed to be user-friendly, the self-dosing in the machine minimizes the handling of chemicals.

Repeatability and Productivity. Simplified.

Higher Throughput with Faster Cycle Times

The PostProcess comprehensive system of software, hardware, and chemistry provide the fastest cycle times in the industry, reducing support removal processing times by over 50% compared to submersible tank systems. With the ability to process larger batch sizes, our solutions provide higher throughput without damaging parts during both support removal and surface finishing steps.

Reduced Support Removal Wait Time

Utilizing volume spray (VVD Technology), the number of process steps and the overall drying time of parts is reduced. This is especially important for parts that will undergo a further operation or must be void of any moisture. The typical drying time reduction is greater than 60% (about ⅓ as long) than typical submersion tanks. This results in both lower overall cycle times and lower labor costs.

Minimized Labor & Operator Error

A simple, software-controlled, intuitive interface with AUTOMAT3D™ software includes extensive process monitoring that minimizes user error with one-button recipe selection for repeatability. Proactive, preventative maintenance warnings alert operators, and our hands-free chemistry eliminates extensive handling and mixing of chemicals.

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