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The First in the World to Bring Software to Post-Printing.

PostProcess was the first to pioneer intelligent additive manufacturing post-printing, with both our proprietary AUTOMAT3D® and CONNECT3D® software. Working together with our patent-pending hardware and additive formulated chemistry, our software-driven solutions automate support removal, resin removal and surface finishing to deliver unmatched results through precision energy management. Find out how PostProcess makes hardware, chemistry, and software work together on our FAQ page.

Software-Driven. Production-Ready.

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Intelligence Built from Data

We’ve spent years collecting data from hundreds of thousands of benchmark parts of all 3D print technologies and most materials. The data we’ve collected is at the core of our software design, which incorporates optimized recipes to deliver a precise finish every time.

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Process Monitoring, Assessment & Response

AUTOMAT3D continuously monitors and reacts to key process factors to reliably optimize part finish. This logic-based, real-time decision making reduces operator “attended” time to increase the efficiency of your AM operation and enable volume production.

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Built-in Maintenance Management

Our solutions deliver intelligence for your Operator and peace of mind for your Maintenance Department. Get ahead with AUTOMAT3D’s built-in proactive features that enable exponential leaps in throughput with minimal manual labor required.

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Flexibility and Scalability

Achieve consistency with the push of a button using software presets. Or customize parameters to your unique processing needs. Our proven software empowers flexibility and scalability.

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What’s Inside: Our Proprietary Agitation Algorithm

We’ve taken the guesswork out of post-printing by creating pre-programmed recipe formulations designed from data. Instead of trial and error resulting in scrapped parts or inconsistent results, you get the desired finish every time at the touch of a button.

Carefully controlling the system’s energy, speed, and direction, the Agitation Algorithm ensures your productivity is boosted by producing consistent end parts with no breakage. Our software varies agitation intensities, temperatures, process time and other process factors to deliver the ideal finished part.

We thoughtfully designed all of our systems and the software for ease. Our machines are enabled by a user-friendly interface powered by industrial controllers, resulting in efficient use of your labor to drive volume production.

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Additive Manufacturing Digital Thread Now Extends through Post-Printing

PostProcess’ latest innovation, our CONNECT3D® software platform, is an Industry 4.0 solution that allows the digital thread for smart additive manufacturing to move beyond design and print, all the way through to the final post-printing step. Today, in additive manufacturing, data is captured and connected in the design and printing phases. The digital thread for a 3D part is cut off prior to its final finished stage. CONNECT3D links the finishing, or post-printing stage, to the part’s digital thread.

The CONNECT3D software platform is fully adaptable to the customer’s needs. CONNECT3D allows PostProcess solutions to leverage the native CAD-file or 3D printer sliced files to automatically define the necessary requirements and algorithms for post-printing. The digital thread allows CONNECT3D to become progressively smarter and more efficient in the decision-making required to deliver optimal post-printing results. CONNECT3D is extremely versatile, designed for a wide range of materials including metals and polymers, and imports most native CAD formats.

Learn more about CONNECTD features.

Learn more about the brains of PostProcess’s revolutionary automated 3D post-printing solutions. AUTOMAT3D software brings simplicity, control, and efficiency to the 3rd step of additive manufacturing. See how support removal, resin removal, powder removal, and surface finishing are made easy with pre-programmed intelligence. Explore how it works below!

Software-Driven Solutions with Transformative Benefits

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