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3D Infinity / SLS Surface Finishing

While Belgium additive service bureau 3D Infinity’s solutions are highly digitized, they found post-printing for Prodways ProMaker P1000X-printed SLS parts to be highly inefficient with significant technician labor time. Explore the case study to learn how the PostProcess® RADOR™ eliminated manual labor and improved throughput and consistency.

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3D Infinity Surface Finishing Case Study.

Empire Group / Resin Removal

Though Empire Group was one of the first companies in its region to employ 3D printing, as they expanded, they found themselves riddled with bottlenecks when removing resin from SLA parts. In this case study, we share how Empire Group managed to reduce its average SLA resin removal time by at least 50% with a software-driven post-print technology.

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Empire Group Resin Removal Case Study.

Lillbacka Powerco Oy / Metal Surface Finishing

The world’s leading manufacturer of crimping machines, Lillbacka Powerco Oy, sought a sustainable, scalable post-printing solution for their DMLS workflow that cut out the deburring step. Explore the case study to learn how Lillbacka implemented digitized post-printing to achieve desired Roughness Average (Ra) and dimensional consistency on parts printed from their 3D Systems ProX DMP 300 printer.

Somfy / Resin Removal

With a global presence as the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic controls for homes and buildings, the French company Somfy was looking to automate their Figure 4® photopolymer additive workflow as much as possible and abstain from using IPA for resin removal. Read about Somfy’s reasons for implementing an intelligent post-printing solution, and how the proven technology improved their overall effectiveness.

TORO / FDM Support Removal

When traditional FDM support removal times became twice the length of build times, TORO became fed up with their workflow’s inability to match throughput to demand. Read this case study to learn how a trusted software-enabled solution decreased their post-print process times by 89%, saving resources and improving workflow efficiencies.

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Toro Support Removal Case Study.

Great Lakes Dental /  SLS Surface Finishing

Even as a 10+ year veteran of additive, Great Lakes Dental, one of the nation’s largest orthodontic labs, faced many common challenges in their post-printing. This case study explores how PostProcess’s proven automated surface finishing solution was able to mitigate their SLS post-printing bottlenecks while streamlining their additive workflow and reducing manual labor and cycle times.

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Great Lake Dental Surface Finishing Case Study.

Print Parts / Resin Removal

When Manhattan-based Print Parts was called upon for COVID-19 emergency supply production, they rapidly scaled operations implementing 10 new DLP printers. Explore this case study to learn how Print Parts was able to keep up with demand and supply over 1 million nasopharyngeal (NP) COVID-19 test applicators to New York State thanks to the scalability and lead times enabled by a PostProcess automated solution.

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Print Parts Resin Removal Case Study.

Ingersoll Rand / Metal Surface Finishing

When traditional surface finishing results lacked in quality and consistency, PostProcess had the solution. Learn how Ingersoll Rand achieved excellent surface finish standards and repeatable results for metal Additive Manufactured parts with complex geometries, internal channels, and organic shapes.

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Ingersoll Rand Metal Surface Finishing Case Study.

Splitvision / Resin Removal

After improving efficiencies with a new Figure 4 system, Swedish product development company Splitvision still found themselves bogged down by the resin removal process due to excess manual labor and safety concerns with the utilization of IPA. Read up on this customer story to discover the solution they found to replace traditional methods, which proved to be safer for employees, while saving Splitvision money and time.

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Splitvision Resin Removal Case Study.


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