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Case Studies: Automated Resin Removal

While SLA, DLP, and CLIP are often utilized for their highly accurate part builds and cost-effectiveness, the resin removal process is wrought with excessive manual labor, long cycle times, and unpleasant chemicals. Learn how companies are dramatically improving productivity and efficiency while improving their bottom line in Case Studies with Print Parts, Splitvision, and Empire Group.


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Resin Removal Case Studies.

Case Study: Automated FDM Support Removal

When traditional FDM support removal times became twice the length of build times, TORO became fed up with their workflow’s inability to match throughput to demand. Read this case study to learn how a software-enabled solution decreased their post-print process times by 89%, saving resources and improving workflow efficiencies.

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FDM Support Removal Case Study.

Case Study: Automated MJ Support Removal

This feature on 3D printing service Marketiger explores the world of full-color 3D models with the photorealistic Mimaki 3DUJ-553 full-color printer. With legacy methods of support removal, the intricate Mimaki 3D printed parts ended up with pronounced layer lines and the operation suffered long cycle times. Learn how PostProcess’s patent-pending chemistry, software, and hardware technology alleviate these post-print bottlenecks.


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MJ Support Removal Case Study.

Case Study: Automated SLS Surface Finishing

Even as a 10+ year veteran of additive, Great Lakes Dental, one of the nation’s largest orthodontic labs, faced many common challenges in their post-printing. This case study explores how PostProcess’s automated surface finishing solution was able to mitigate their SLS post-printing bottlenecks while streamlining their additive workflow and reducing manual labor and cycle times.


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SLS Surface Finishing Case Study.

Case Study: Automated 3D Printed Metal Surface Finishing

When traditional surface finishing results lacked in quality and consistency, PostProcess had the solution. Learn how Ingersoll Rand achieved excellent surface finish standards and repeatable results for metal Additive Manufactured parts with complex geometries, internal channels, and organic shapes.


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Metal Surface Finishing Case Study.


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