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Crunched for time but want to learn a little more about the world of automated 3D post-printing? Check out one of our podcasts featuring PostProcess Technologies CEO Jeff Mize to delve into the current additive landscape, PostProcess’s mission, digitalization of the post-print step, and lots of humorous anecdotes along the way.

The PostProcess Pod: A Chat with Data Scientist Dr. Usama Fayyad

Tune into this insightful chat between our CEO Jeff Mize and the newest addition to our Board, Dr. Usama Fayyad, PhD. Dr. Fayyad walks listeners through his journey into discovering the post-printing bottleneck, and how he came to team up with PostProcess to help the industry overcome it. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy anecdotes from Dr. Fayyad’s illustrious career in data, from NASA to becoming the world’s first Chief Data Officer.
Listen here.

Leveraging Artifical Intelligence in the Sales Motion

AI helps businesses thrive by making things easier and more efficient. Chad Burmeister talks with CEO Jeff Mize about tools and ways of leveraging artificial intelligence into products and sales processes. Jeff shares his extensive professional background, what his company does, and the comprehensive system they have in advanced technology, data analytics, and machine learning. Listen here.


Hosted by Joris Peels (3DPrint.com, Executive Editor) and Maxwell Bogue (3Doodler, Co-Founder & Inventor), 3D Pod offers up 3D printing news and insight, with straight talk from two bona fide 3D printing pros. In episode 59, the hosts are joined by our CEO Jeff Mize to discuss the critical need for automated post-printing, the rise of PostProcess Technologies, and the future of 3D printing (plus some fun banter on our technology names).
Listen here.

Advanced Manufacturing Now Podcast by SME

The Advanced Manufacturing Now Podcast is presented by SME Media, a leading source for news and in-depth technical information about advanced manufacturing in North America. Listen in as SME Media Associate Editor, Chris Mahar, sits down with our CEO, Jeff Mize to speak on eliminating intensive manual post-processing, and the benefits of fully digitalized additive manufacturing.
Listen here.

Manufacturing Happy Hour

Grab your favorite beverage and put on this additive-focused episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, hosted by Chris Luecke. Our CEO Jeff Mize joins Chris to discuss some of the most prominent opportunities and challenges in additive, how automated post-printing fits into the mix, and of course, their favorite west coast breweries.
Link here.

ReMake Manufacturing

ReMake Manufacturing discusses the unflinching truth about design, technology, marketing, and growth within the manufacturing sector. PostProcess CEO Jeff Mize sits down with Sean Redfearn from Redfern Media to discuss new challenges appearing in the manufacturing sector like supply chains and sustainability. They also dive further into the future of manufacturing and how we’re working to digitize manual repetitive tasks so manufacturers can focus their time on more value-adding activities.

Link here.

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