Novel Chemistries Formulated for 3D Print Materials

As the first to pioneer the automated post-processing industry, PostProcess Technologies’ patented and patent-pending software, hardware, and chemistry solutions work together to provide an unmatched solution for 3D printed parts. Our innovation extends to our proprietary detergents that have been developed for high-performance and safe handling. Formulated specifically for additive manufacturing, our detergents offer a more sustainable solution to traditional solvents, delivering faster throughput and more consistent results.

Resin Removal

PostProcess’s automated resin removal solutions reduce post-processing steps by up to 50%, cleaning full trays in under 10 minutes, enabling higher throughput and optimally finished 3D printed parts. With new resins validated regularly, clean all of your 3D-printed parts with our biocompatible cleaning detergent. Implement an IPA-free workflow by replacing the traditional final IPA rinse step with AUX-400-RINSE.

Support Removal

PostProcess Chemistry for Automated Support RemovalPostProcess’ pre-mixed detergents optimize the removal of supports while leaving the build material in perfect condition. Our chemistry line, in concert with our thoughtfully designed support removal systems, is formulated for FDM, PolyJet, and Wax 3D print materials and technologies to achieve the customer’s desired cycle time and end product characteristics.

Additive Formulated. Production Ready.

All of PostProcess’ patent-pending chemistry technologies have been designed with careful consideration of safety and handling. Because our proprietary support removal detergents are already mixed, there is no chance of incorrectly mixing a batch of detergent, versus other offerings which must often be mixed on-site. Our chemistries utilize low concentrations of several conventional chemicals in unique combinations, as compared to other detergent options with higher chemical concentration levels.

For our Support Removal and Resin Removal solutions, we offer our detergents in 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers. Concentrated versions are also available for our spray systems.

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