Meet the new AUX-400-RINSE

What is AUX-400-RINSE?

AUX-400-RINSE is an organic-based rinse solution developed as an effective alternative to IPA for the final rinse step in the post-processing of additive manufactured parts. The rinse solution was formulated specifically for resin workflows, where IPA is commonly used to clean remaining detergent residue in combination with a drying step just prior to achieving finished parts.

Why use AUX-400-RINSE?

AUX-400-RINSE is designed to work with PostProcess’ automated resin removal solutions. It replaces the traditional IPA rinse step in workflows that may be required following processing in our automated solutions.

A Safer Alternative to IPA
AUX-400-RINSE provides reduced flammability and exposure, offering a higher flashpoint vs. IPA.

  • IPA flashpoint: 53°F / 11°C
  • AUX-400-RINSE flashpoint: 102°F / 38.8°C

It does not require explosion-proof or ATEX certified equipment and is complaint with Hazardous Material Regulations from OSHA and NFPA, as well as EU Directives. It also reduces operator chemical exposure with a lower vapor pressure when compared to IPA.

Improved Performance

AUX-400-RINSE has an increased useful life over IPA and rinses 3 times more parts per gallon (L) than IPA. With half the evaporation rate of IPA, you’ll experience less tank changes per year. AUX-400-RINSE also has no effect on a part’s mechanical properties

Improved Sustainability

Our rinse is considered a lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) rate compared to IPA. You can also filter the rinse for reuse, which uses less energy than the distillation process required for IPA.



“At Quickparts, as a long-time leader in on-demand manufacturing services, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cutting-edge additive processes, technologies and materials. Therefore we were pleased to participate in the trial use of PostProcess’ new AUX-400-RINSE solution. After performing numerous trials comparing the overall performance of AUX-400-RINSE to that of IPA rinse, we can say with confidence that we could effectively replace IPA rinse with AUX-400-RINSE in our standard workflow using the PostProcess DEMI 4000 for resin removal.”


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