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Software Driven Post-Printing for SLA, DLP & CLIP


Today’s Post-Processing Problem

The resin removal step of 3D Printed SLA, DLP, and CLIP technologies has been notoriously messy and cumbersome. Performing resin removal with handheld squeeze bottles, brushes, and dunk tanks using generic solvents such as Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) was time-consuming with inconsistent results and created an environmental concern in manufacturing facilities. The surface finishing step is also highly dependent on non-additive tailored technology resulting in inconsistent and damaged parts. The bigger issue, however, is the inability to scale for resin-based 3D printing with these archaic post-processing techniques.

The PostProcess Solution for SLA, DLP and CLIP Post-Printing

Designed solely for additive manufacturing, our resin removal and surface finishing post-printing solutions are solving the industry’s bottleneck problem. Learn about the first and only automated and intelligent technology for SLA, DLP, and CLIP that combines software, hardware, and chemistry for an unparalleled solution


Software Intelligence

Our proprietary AUTOMAT3D™  platform and its’ SLA specific operating mode make post-printing as easy as a push of a button. Software-controlled algorithms manage and optimize process parameters and take the guesswork out of the process.

SLA resin cleaning machine

Resin Removal & Surface Finishing Hardware

PostProcess’ unique Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology fully immerses parts and print trays to allow chemistry to access complex geometries consistently and repeatedly. For surface finishing, Suspended Rotational Force (SRF) technology optimizes energy with our proprietary additive formulated consumables to enable hands-free surface finishing with virtually no part breakage.

resin cleaning detergent

Additive Formulated Chemistry

Our proprietary Resin Removal Chemistry is designed to work specifically with our SVC technology and has been tested and proven across a wide range of resins at production volumes. Offering a safer work environment, this game-changing detergent is designed to be user-friendly and minimizes waste handling.

Enabling Repeatability and Scalability.

Improved Efficiency

The PostProcess comprehensive system of software, hardware, and chemistry reduces post-processing steps by 50% or greater and is the fastest resin removal system on the market, field-tested on thousands of trays and consistently cleaning full trays in under 10 minutes. Streamlining resin removal removes the post-printing bottleneck, enabling high volume production and decreases overall cycle time for your print operation.

Exceptional Detergent Longevity

PostProcess’s PG1.2 detergent longevity offers high resin capacity, which means less downtime for detergent changeouts as well as reduced waste generation and disposal frequency, saving time and money. This longevity bests IPA solutions by cleaning 5X as many parts before reaching saturation.

Reduced Chemical Hazards

Our proprietary formulation offers low volatility and low odor. We’ve designed a user-friendly detergent that provides for a safer work environment compared to common solvent IPA, with much lower vapor pressure and higher flashpoint and no requirement for an explosion-proof environment.

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