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FDM / Support Removal – Disrupting Traditional FDM Support Removal to Enable Scalable Additive Manufacturing.

Significantly shorten support removal cycle times of FDM printed parts and increase consistencies with an automated, software-driven post-printing solution.

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MJF / Surface Finishing – Eliminating Manual Surface Finishing for Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D Printed Solutions.

Eliminate costly manual labor from your additive workflow process with automated, software-driven surface finishing technology.

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SLA / Resin Removal – Enhanced Resin Removal for SLA Additive Manufactured Parts.

Achieve the Fastest Processing Times in the Industry with a New Chemistry Solution Enabled by Software Automation.

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Metals / Surface Finishing – Considerations for Optimizing Surface Finishing of 3D Printed Inconel 718.

Learn about the challenges of surface finishing additively manufactured metals and alloys and opportunities to optimize the process, with focus on the widely-used nickel superalloy Inconel 718, printed with DMLS technology.

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PolyJet / Support Removal – Redefining PolyJet Support Removal with Automation

Learn how you can minimize touch time, breakage, and the learning curve to advancement with automated support removal.

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SLS & MJF / Powder Removal – Guide to SLS & MJF Automated Powder Removal with Innovative Fusillade Technology.

Learn how to fully optimize your Additive Manufacturing workflow for powder-based print technologies with the F.A.S.T. post-printing system.

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FDM / Support Removal – Transforming FDM Support Removal with Volumetric Velocity Dispersion Automation Technology.

Learn how your throughput may be limited with traditional submersion support removal systems. As additive manufacturing scales to production levels, post-print cycle time and manual labor are a growing concern.

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FDM, SLA, PolyJet / Support Removal – 3D Printed Advanced Polymers Support Removal Guide.
Learn more about the current state of post-processing techniques for 3D printed advanced polymers, including FDM, SLA and Polyjet, and innovations for optimizing the critical support removal step to enable full-scale production.

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PolyJet / Support Removal – How Smart Chemistry for 3D Printed Parts Optimizes Support Removal for PolyJet Technology.

Learn about traditional methods vs. new technologies that intelligently leverage chemical solutions along with mechanical energy to achieve efficiencies in PolyJet post-printing.

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SLS, PolyJet, FDM, DMLS / Surface Finishing – Overcoming Additive Manufacturing Surface Finishing Challenges with Automated SRF Technology.

Learn what’s required to optimize and scale a 3D post-print surface finish operation to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

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