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Software Driven Post-Processing for Wax Technologies


Today’s 3D Printed Wax Post-Processing Problem

Support removal for 3D printed wax has historically been dangerous and inefficient, requiring processing with multi-step IPA baths. Safety concerns are associated with this form of support removal since IPA is a flammable and toxic chemical that can be hazardous if not handled properly, and its low longevity poses environmental concerns. Due to the fragile nature and high breakage rate of 3D-printed wax parts, highly trained technicians are required, which forces overall low productivity. These challenges can significantly slow down the overall 3D printing process and result in decreased efficiency and productivity.


The Safe and Easy Solution for Wax Post-Processing

Learn about the industry’s revolutionary automated and intelligent solution trusted for wax support removal, designed to deliver increased throughput and unparalleled consistency for your 3D printing operation. Alleviate your traditional post-processing issues with the PostProcess automated solution. PostProcess is solely focused on solving additive manufacturing‘s post-processing bottleneck problem with a comprehensive software, hardware, and chemistry approach. Processing times are only 30-40 minutes per batch, with technician times less than 5 minutes per batch.

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Software Intelligence

PostProcess solutions bring proven, unmatched software automation to wax support removal and surface finishing with our AUTOMAT3D™ platform. Software-controlled algorithms manage and optimize the process while offering customized settings for both control and flexibility.

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Additive Formulated Chemistry

Our proprietary Chemistry is designed to work with our SVC technology and was developed specifically for wax support removal. Offering a safer work environment, our pre-mixed detergents are user-friendly and minimize waste handling. PostProcess’s solution has a flashpoint of 204.8°F (96°C) with low volatility and high longevity.

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Support Removal Hardware

PostProcess’ patented Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC)  support removal technology fully immerses parts and print trays to allow chemistry to access complex geometries. Software-controlled algorithms manage and optimize heat, pump flow, and ultrasonics for complete wax support removal.

Repeatability and Productivity. Simplified.

Higher Throughput with Faster Cycle Times

The PostProcess comprehensive system of proven software, hardware, and chemistry removes the post-processing bottleneck, enabling high-volume production and eliminating hours of time per batch.

Increased Consistency & Reduced Damage

PostProcess’ technology allows printing more difficult part geometries with less part breakage and more consistency from part to part. This is especially important for complex parts with very intricate details or fragile walls. Our proprietary solutions utilize software control of multiple energy sources to optimize wax support removal.

A Safe and Sustainable Solution

Designed for operator safety with plug and play processing, our solutions reduce the risk of injury to workers compared to manual methods and ensures a safe work environment. The automated process reduces the amount of waste generated, promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact.

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