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Additive manufacturing (AM) is transforming prototyping and production for the 21st century. With a low cost of entry and incredible design freedom and flexibility, just about anyone can reap the benefits of AM’s 3D printing processes that save significant time, materials, and energy compared to subtractive manufacturing methods. Fortified for sustainability, additive is a next-generation solution on the brink of revolutionizing the entire manufacturing sector as we know it.

Right now, there is a critical disconnect in additive manufacturing that limits throughput, quality, and productivity potential. This bottleneck exists between the highly digitized design and print processes, and the final post-processing step, which has been mostly reliant on manual labor and legacy finishing methods.

Enter PostProcess Technologies, the first company to pioneer fully automated post-processing solutions specifically for AM, connecting end-to-end digitization from the design step to the post-print step. As industrial 3D printing scales to support a lights-out, Industry 4.0 factory floor of the future, this connectivity will only become increasingly imperative for additive’s growth and for enabling production volume 3D printing.

There are many resources to explore the basics of additive manufacturing. We selected a few to help you learn more:

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PostProcess is also the pioneer of the Annual Additive Post-Processing Trends Survey. Our comprehensive reports provide an in-depth look into the end-user’s perspective of 3D post-processing. The only resources of their kind, these reports highlight key data points to effectively summarize the most common challenges and opportunities in 3D post-processing.

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Pioneering the Digitization of 3D Post-Printing

Learn how PostProcess is leading the Additive Manufacturing post-printing revolution, solving today’s 3D post-printing challenges and unlocking solutions for end-to-end digital AM production for tomorrow.


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Explore Case Studies from a variety of industries that dive into the role of 3D post-printing and how additive manufacturing is adopting automation to transform the post-print workflow.

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