Meet the PostProcess Technologies Board of Directors, a team of business and technology experts lending invaluable, world-class guidance to the industry leaders of automated post-printing.

Daniel Hutchinson

Daniel J. Hutchinson, PostProcess founder, President, and CTO, leveraged training in radar interrogation and signal analysis to develop our patent-pending technology. Prior to founding PostProcess, Daniel was with Northrop Grumman developing signal analysis equipment while dreaming of a way to make an impact on the world. Out of high school, he entered the service while attempting to break the world record for the number of college credits earned, earning Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration credentials.

Jeff Mize

Jeff Mize, our CEO, brings an extensive background in rapidly scaling technology startups and creating fast, flexible and fun environments – as well as mastery of the power nap. He was the commercial leader behind the rapid growth of Climate Corporation (digital agricultural platform) and NAVTEQ Corporation (digital maps), selling for $1.1B to Monsanto and $8.1B to Nokia, respectively. Jeff received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Champaign, so he can hold his own in meetings with our really smart Engineering team.

Usama Fayyad

Usama Fayyad is a world-renowned expert in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). He is the first executive to have held the title of Chief Data Officer, a role he held at Yahoo! after his second startup was acquired. In addition to his leadership roles at NASA/JPL and Microsoft, Fayyad has served as the Chairman, Co-Founder, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of several startups.

From 2013 to 2016, he served as the Global Chief Data Officer & Group Managing Director at Barclays Bank in London. He is currently Chairman of Open Insights, a company he founded to address AI/Big Data solutions in 2008. He also serves as the Inaugural Executive Director of the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University.

Ulf Ivarsson

Ulf Ivarsson, an early investor in PostProcess Technologies, is an accomplished Sweden-based executive who has held an instrumental role in taking 13 different companies public. His management experience from strategic growth and international scale-up combined with a background in private equity [Bure Equity and Nordic Capital] and “pattern recognition” from start-ups to maturing market leaders makes him an extremely insightful Board member. As Executive Vice President of Bure Equity AB, he led the Investment and M&A teams and was responsible for the InfoTech division. Furthermore, Ivarsson co-founded Capio AB, which became a leader in health care services.

Ivarsson has served on the board of numerous private and public companies, including Cision Group, Capio, and Cygate, and as Chairman for companies like Appello Systems, Arccore, Moxiam, Curago, FlexQube, Guide Konsult, PlaygroundTV, Pollstiernan Industri, Serneke Group, among others.

Chuck Lannon

Chuck Lannon is an entrepreneur, active angel investor, seasoned Board member, and early investor in PostProcess. He was a co-founder of Buffalo-based Sovran Self Storage (now Life Storage, NYSE, with a market cap of $8B) and served on the Life Storage Board from 1995 until his retirement from the Board in 2021.

In 1995, he co-founded Northtowns Imaging, Inc. (now Great Lakes Medical Imaging), a medical diagnostic imaging company that was sold in 1999. From 2009 to 2015, Lannon was Vice Chairman of the Board for Kinex Pharmaceuticals LLC (now known as Athenex, Inc. NASDAQ) which began publicly trading in 2017. Since 2013 he has served on the board of Royal Oak Realty Trust Inc., a private REIT, where he is the Lead Independent Director. Lannon also currently serves as the President of consulting firm Strategic Advisory, which advises companies on capital and financial guidance and transactions.

His collective experience allows him to provide the Board of Directors with significant assistance related to investor relations, marketing, corporate governance trends, auditing functions, corporate compensation, as well as strategic and transactional matters.

Dan DiPofi

Dan DiPofi has over 30 years of experience in the fields of finance, operations, manufacturing, senior leadership and professional sports management.

DiPofi is currently the CEO of Twinlab, Inc., a public nutraceutical company based in Boca Raton, Florida. In addition to this position, Dan is an Investment Advisor to Tom Golisano and Grand Oaks Capital.

DiPofi was part of the Golisano ownership group that rescued the Buffalo Sabres out of bankruptcy in 2003. In his position of Chief Operating Officer, he oversaw a successful turnaround of the company, and their group sold the team in 2011. Following the sale, DiPofi was retired for several years before rejoining Tom Golisano and Grand Oaks Capital in 2019.

He has held various for-profit and nonprofit Board and Board Advisory positions over his career, and currently sits on the Board of Twinlab, Inc.

Matthew Ray

Matthew Ray is currently the Senior Managing Director for Fishers Asset Management, overseeing a team that provides a full suite of family office services to a prominent Forbes Top 250 family in Upstate New York, which includes investment management and advisory services through Grand Oaks Capital. In addition, he serves on the private company boards for Cognivue, Inc., Council Rock, Inc., and Fairly, Inc.

Prior to his current role, Ray was a Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager with M&T Bank’s Rochester Middle Market department for 10 years. Prior to joining M&T, he was a Senior Auditor with Deloitte in Rochester.

Outside of work, he is active in the community and serves on the Board and Finance Committees for both Bishop Kearney High School and School of the Holy Childhood. Ray previously completed a 9-year term on the Board of Foodlink, eventually heading up the group as Board Chair.

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