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We’re Pioneers that are Revolutionizing
the Additive Manufacturing Process.

About Us

At PostProcess Technologies, our comprehensive system of proprietary Software, patent-pending Hardware, and additive formulated Chemistry works together to remove the bottleneck in the third step of additive manufacturing — post-printing. We make the process of removing supports and surface finishing the printed parts easier, more consistent and more efficient.

In fact, we pioneered the development of automated and intelligent solutions for post-printing. Today, you’ll find these solutions at work across industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer goods, dental, medical and more. Our technologies are designed for all 3D print materials and all 3D print technologies – see before and after pictures to see how.

Our Mission

To unleash the transformative power of additive manufacturing with zero to one innovation.

Our Values

PostProcess’s Values define what we as employees must live every day in order to execute on our mission:
Creativity – We create and capitalize on new opportunities with resourcefulness and ingenuity.
Respect – We represent PostProcess in all situations with courtesy and decency.
Excellence – We strive for continuous improvement every day.
Advancing – We devise leading-edge solutions for additive manufacturing and our customers.
Trust – We are honest and transparent in our decisions and actions.
Execution – We come together as a team, building on our strengths to achieve our goals.

Read about our commitment to quality.

Our History

A Big Idea
The Revolution
Going Forward

It all started with a vision.

Our founder, Daniel J. Hutchinson, was the first to address the growing challenge the additive manufacturing industry faced. While the industry was focused on the first two steps of printing: design and build, the third step – post-printing, was being overlooked. In more than 95 percent of cases, the printed parts have some type of supports that need to be removed and currently more than 60 percent need finishing. Daniel applied his years of experience interrogating radar systems, along with his multi-discipline background in engineering and additive manufacturing, to ‘interrogating’ 3D printed parts. He studied the additive manufacturing process from end-to-end, and saw the opportunity to transform labor-intensive manual post-printing through technology and automation.

Growing Forward

It’s the fourth Industrial Revolution.
And we’re ready to lead it.

Additive manufacturing is projected to have explosive growth over the next several years. The total market is projected to grow to $37B by 2025, while the post-printing segment is expected to rise to several billion dollars. We are the first and only company to offer an automated and intelligent post-printing solution. Our solutions facilitate continuous improvement and breakthrough performance in manufacturing operations by removing the bottleneck and allowing companies to scale their additive manufacturing to mass production levels.

We’re poised to lead the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Growing Forward

A company like no other.
A team built for growth.

In 2014, Daniel introduced the first and only automated and intelligent solution for post-printing of 3D parts. Our company, PostProcess Technologies headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is the result. In 2016, Daniel brought on an experienced Silicon Valley leader, Jeff Mize, as CEO. Today they are driving the company forward at ludicrous speed and with the same innovative drive that led to its founding.

Growing Forward

Our Approach

We look at the three steps of additive manufacturing – design, build, and post-print – as an integrated process.  Our experts are here to help you think through post-print considerations during design and build stages to achieve the most efficiently manufactured end part.

We work closely with you on the best overall solution, gaining a thorough understanding of the geometries you are building and how much manual time technicians spend post-printing to helping you calculate your return on investment by implementing our automated solutions. Our customers experience rapid payback and transformative increases in production volume and product consistency. Just take a look at our testimonials to see how.

Meet PostProcess

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