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We're Committed to Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

Service & Support

As the first to pioneer connectivity of the post-print step for industrial 3D printing, PostProcess Technologies ensures reliability and exceptional customer support when you invest in any of our proven solutions. Our maintenance plans come complete with significant support and training access to make sure that your solution seamlessly integrates into your workflow, that your staff is well-trained on the technology, and that you have direct access to support at all times. Contact our support department at any time for questions or help.

The Right Level of Support
Exclusive warranty and service plans for your automated PostProcess solution are available at two levels, ensuring that your investment is protected, and your solution is paired with the right plan for your unique additive needs. Each plan comes complete with application-specific preventative maintenance visits, training visits, software upgrades, and unlimited tech support, application support, and recipe creation.

Making it Easy to Implement Automated Post-Printing
If you’ve come to us looking for the productivity benefits that automating the 3D post-print step delivers, we know you’re short on time! We’ve simplified getting you up and running on your PostProcess solution so you can get back to work. Read our recent Blog Post to explore just how easy it is to get the transformative benefits of automated post-printing for your additive manufacturing operation.

Planning for the Future
Dedicated to constant innovation, we regularly update our software, and our team ensures that the user interface remains exceptionally intuitive across all solutions for a minimal learning curve. Set yourself up for success in the future with upgrades, preventative maintenance, and support from the trusted name in automated post-printing.

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