What Does Biocompatibility Compliance Mean For Our Latest Resin Removal Detergent?

The Proven Resin Removal Detergent: PLM-403-SUB
PostProcess Technologies’ PLM-403-SUB is the world’s only detergent specifically developed for resin removal on 3D printed photopolymer parts. As an instrumental element within several PostProcess solutions, PLM-403-SUB is an effective alternative to solvents like isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and tripropylene glycol monomethyl ether (TPM) for resin removal in SLA, DLP, and CLIP print technologies. Recently, this detergent has officially been recognized as compliant with ISO standard 10993 for the evaluation of biocompatibility by Toxikon Corporation. What exactly does this mean for the proven detergent?

With this new demonstration of compliance with requirements for biocompatibility, additive manufacturing users can enjoy the Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) solution’s new industry standard for maintaining or seamlessly incorporating fully biocompatible processes. Particularly, this will prove impactful for those in the dental, medical, and even audio realms, as materials with applications that come in direct contact with the human body are under ISO 10993: Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices.

In compliance tests, parts were printed with biocompatible Formlabs Surgical Guide resin, and cleaned with PLM-403-SUB. When evaluating for cytotoxicity, sensitization, and irritation, the test articles elicited no reaction with any subjects, making them successfully compliant with requirements for biocompatibility approval of medical devices per ISO 10993.

More on This Proven Detergent
This detergent plays a significant role in PostProcess’s patented SVC technology, combining with software intelligence and a vortex pumping scheme to ensure that 3D printed parts are uniformly, consistently, and reliably exposed to detergent and cavitation. As a result, parts are finished precisely and consistently, requiring little to no manual labor.

Though the overall SVC solution bolsters a safer workflow thanks to minimized manual labor, this detergent has enhanced safety features like a high flashpoint (220°F, 104.4°C) which categorizes it as a non-flammable liquid. The new compliance rating furthers the detergent’s standards of safety. Thanks to the automated nature of the solution and the long-lasting life of the detergent (PLM-403-SUB has significantly better longevity [capacity by weight of resin in solution at 10 minutes] than all other typical solvents [i.e., IPA, DPM, TPM] used to remove uncured resin from printed parts), this technology is renowned for providing a safer, more efficient post-printing process that will remain sustainable even as production volumes scale.

Achieving this compliance perpetuates PostProcess Technologies’ dedication to the seamless integration of their automated solutions and an overall more streamlined additive workflow. For more on our mission to equip additive for Industry 4.0, visit our “Why PostProcess” page.


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