3 Ways We Make it Easy to Implement Automated Post-Printing

Even in the technology boom of the 21st century, there is something cutting-edge about additive manufacturing. To those not in the industry, the process of seamlessly designing a part using CAD software, and bringing it to life with a 3D printer in a matter of hours, seems so innovative and streamlined that it could be pulled from a science fiction novel. While the design and printing steps are renowned for ease of use in this way, the same cannot be said for the post-printing step. The post-printing process is rightfully perceived as difficult, as it traditionally abounds with tedious manual labor, the need for hazardous chemicals, and the potential for part breakage.

PostProcess’s solutions were the first in the market to bring digitization and ease-of-use to the post-printing step. Now trusted by customers in virtually every industry, we’re focused on ensuring that integration of automated post-printing is as seamless as possible, with a minimal learning curve. Here’s just a few of the many ways we do just that:

1) User Friendly, Intuitive Software
The driving force in every PostProcess solution, regardless of the technology it leverages, is software. Obviously, the software aspect is what effectively digitizes post-printing, turning it into an intelligent process. The software component works with the machine’s hardware and chemistry to deliver unmatched results through precision energy management, ensuring consistency and reducing the need for trial and error in the finishing step.

The software is developed with data collected from hundreds of thousands of benchmark parts, of all 3D print technologies and a variety of materials. With this repository of built-in data, the solution optimizes software parameters while monitoring saturation, reacting to key process factors in real-time. Thanks to the ability to intelligently generate tailored recipes, these technologies continually ensure a precise finish.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a user-friendly interface for users and thoroughly training customers on every software update. Equipped with presets or the option to customize parameters, the software is developed to reduce operator attendance time, enabling scalability and volume production printing. Plus, users can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the solutions feature built-in maintenance management alerts and notifications sent directly via SMS or email.

2) The Installation, Training and Integration Process: A White Glove Experience
From the time of purchase, the PostProcess team works with you to ensure a solution installation that is as seamless as possible. With full access to our User Support Site including interactive manuals and solution-specific videos, you’ll go in knowing exactly what to expect at your Installation, Training and Integration (ITI).

When you invest in a PostProcess solution, you are not only investing in a product, but in a total solution backed by a reliable team. For the ITI, our expert Applications Engineers (AEs) will arrive on-site to install your new solution. Throughout the process, the AEs will fully train your team on the ins and outs of the technology (including software and maintenance features). During the “Integration” phase, our team will run parts with you, explain best practices, and walk you through the impact that automated post-printing will have on your workflow, from increased throughput to improved end-part consistencies.

From the ITI onwards, you’ll have a direct line to your AE, as well as 24/7 access to our User Support resources. We make dependability a priority, and are always there to answer your questions and help resolve potential issues in a timely manner.

3) Service Plans Built To Fit Your Operation
The service doesn’t end after the ITI. Once the solution is integrated into your additive workflow, you can select from a portfolio of expanded service contract options to ensure you receive the level of support best tailored to your organization’s needs. These plans include hardware coverage, unlimited phone and email support, unlimited application support/software recipe creation, and varying frequencies of onsite visits for training, software upgrades, and preventative maintenance visits.

We’re proud to be driving the future of additive manufacturing by digitizing the art of post-printing into the science of tomorrow, and ensuring implementation is seamless. Take the first step in fully digitizing your additive workflow, and contact us today.

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