Read Up & Tune In: A Round-Up of Our Latest Podcasts

In an increasingly digitized world, podcasts have reacquainted society with the art of audio storytelling. Plus, in today’s “always on” landscape, podcasts are an efficient and effective way to learn on-the-go or while multitasking. As post-printing is becoming more widely recognized as a critical step of additive manufacturing, and its impact on scalability becomes more apparent, PostProcess Technologies CEO Jeff Mize has had the opportunity to be featured on several additive and manufacturing-focused podcasts.

Check out some of his latest appearances, speaking to the industry’s trusted automated post-printing technology:



3DPOD episode logo: part of Podcast Round-Up
From the Executive Editor of, Joris Peels, and additive-focused Co-Founder/Inventor Maxwell Bogue, 3D Pod discusses insights and reports on all things additive manufacturing. When Jeff joins the podcast for Episode 59, the three discuss how the need for PostProcess Technologies was recognized, and the future of 3D printing as it relates to scalable post-printing. Thanks to the plethora of engineering knowledge amongst the three, the discussion also delves into the intricacies of the PostProcess technologies themselves.


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Advanced Manufacturing Now Podcast by SME

Advanced Manufacturing Now episode logo: part of Podcast Round-Up
Presented by SME Media, a leading news outlet for North American advanced manufacturing, the Advanced Manufacturing Now Podcast is hosted by Chris Mahar. Chris and Jeff Mize cover how the additive landscape has adapted to COVID-19 supply chain disruptions, and speak extensively to the benefits and potential of end-to-end digital connectivity.


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The PostProcess Pod: A Chat with Data Scientist Dr. Usama Fayyad

PostProcess Pod episode logo: part of Podcast Round-Up
Our first-ever “PostProcess Pod” episode! In this segment, Jeff Mize speaks with the latest addition to our Board, Dr. Usama Fayyad, PhD. Dr. Fayyad shares his journey of becoming the world’s first Chief Data Officer, and other anecdotes from his illustrious career with data. The two discuss how Dr. Fayyad came to discover what’s termed as the “post-printing bottleneck”, where he sees additive manufacturing headed, and how he came to team up with PostProcess.


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Manufacturing Happy Hour

Manufacturing Happy Hour episode logo: part of Podcast Round-Up
Requirement: must listen with your favorite beverage in-hand! Tune in to this additive-focused episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, an insightful and upbeat manufacturing podcast hosted by Chris Luecke. In the episode featuring Jeff, the two discuss some of the most prominent opportunities and challenges in additive, how automated post-printing fits into the greater manufacturing/Industry 4.0 mix, and of course, their favorite west coast breweries. Plus, Jeff and Chris stumble upon a theme in Jeff’s career – digitizing analog processes.

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ReMake Manufacturing

ReMake Manufacturing
ReMake Manufacturing discusses the unflinching truth about design, technology, marketing, and growth within the manufacturing sector. PostProcess CEO Jeff Mize sits down with Sean Redfearn from Redfern Media to discuss new challenges appearing in the manufacturing sector like supply chains and sustainability. They also dive further into the future of manufacturing and how we’re working to digitize manual repetitive tasks so manufacturers can focus their time on more value-adding activities.

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Go beyond the podcast. To delve into the proven automated post-printing technology that Jeff is discussing in these episodes, visit our main site, or explore our white papers.

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