4 Game-Changing Features of our New Solution for FDM Printing

One of the greatest struggles of our customers who use FDM printing is the amount of manual labor used in traditional post-printing methods. These inefficient methods require the use of pliers, picks, and dunk tanks tend that to warp parts. Even traditional manufacturing tumbler solutions require high attended technician time.

Here at PostProcess, we understand these struggles and set out to offer another solution to help expedite your FDM finishing needs. The latest addition to our FDM support removal suite, the VORSA 500™, provides a full-stack solution for all of your FDM support removal needs. If you’re looking for the fastest cycle times in the industry with reduced attended technician time, the VORSA 500 could be a great solution for you.

Patented Technology

The VORSA 500 uses PostProcess’ patented Volumetric Velocity Dispersion (VVD for short). Our AUTOMAT3D software controls our VVD technology and uses our additive-specific chemistry. Two jet rack manifolds leverage spray technology which optimizes the chemistry by disposing of support materials as it weakens, dramatically reducing cycle times. The manifolds offer a high volume flow complemented by low pressure, gentle on complex or fragile geometries.

AUTOMAT3D Software

We equipped the VORSA 500 with our patented AUTOMAT3D™ software. Our AUTOMAT3D software comes with pre-set agitation levels with a corresponding temperature for quick processing and parameter set up. These pre-set recipes are in our user-friendly, multi-touch HMI interface to help take the guesswork out of post-printing. Operators can spend less time setting parameters and will be able to “press play and walk away.”

Brand New Hardware

The VORSA 500 has a 16.5’’ X 16.5” X 14.5” processing chamber with 6 manifolds on top and 6 manifolds across the bottom. These manifolds are bidirectional and process the entire chamber. The 4 flex nozzles inside the processing chamber provide an additional flow if necessary for any hard-to-reach channels or complex geometries.
Some other notable features on the VORSA 500 include:

  • Drying rack/staging area
  • Manual chamber door release
  • Safety circuit reset button

Additive Formulated Chemistry

We specifically developed PostProcess’ detergents for additive post-printing. Our latest detergents have better longevity than all typical solvents (e.g. IPA, TPM, DPM), which means less frequent chemical change-outs, improved environmental friendliness, and a safer workplace environment. All of our detergents are pre-mixed, which means your technicians will not have to worry about mixing chemicals. The VORSA 500 detergent tank supplies the processing chamber with the detergent, using our proprietary PLM-201-SPRAY and PLM-202-SPRAY, and is DOSATRON administered.

Our transformative three-step software, hardware, and chemistry approach can revolutionize your FDM post-printing. You can meet the VORSA 500 and check out all it offers for your company in an upcoming live tour here.


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