The World’s Fastest Solution for Production FDM Support Removal

PostProcess has once again revolutionized additive manufacturing support removal with the new VORSA 500™. The industry’s only full-stack solution, the VORSA 500 leverages our patented Volumetric Velocity Dispersion technology and game-changing chemistry, all driven by our AUTOMAT3D® software platform.

Industry-Leading Cycle Times

PostProcess provides the fastest cycle times in the industry (1-2 hours), reducing support removal processing times by over 50% compared to submersible tank systems. With multidimensional spray technology, the VORSA 500 allows for remarkably quick dry times while maintaining part integrity as parts won’t become saturated with detergent.

Your High-Volume Automated Solution

AUTOMAT3D takes the guesswork out of post-printing and reduces operator labor time with pre-programmed recipes. Controlling agitation intensities, temperatures, process times, and more, the VORSA 500 delivers consistently complete FDM support removal. AUTOMAT3D optimizes the rate of support removal, utilizing multi-dimensional spray coverage, ensuring fast cycle times with virtually no damage to parts.

Designed with Efficiency in Mind

Measuring at 41 cm x 41 cm x 37 cm, the VORSA 500 provides an ample envelope size allowing for a higher throughput of parts to be cleaned during each cycle. Full chamber coverage allows for processing larger batch sizes to deliver uniform, high-quality results for every part, regardless of geometry.

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