Printing FDM, SLA or Polyjet? Get insights into challenges and opportunities for support removal on advanced polymer parts…

3D Printed Advanced Polymers Support Removal GuideNew content for download! Learn more about post-processing considerations for 3D printed advanced polymers, including FDM, SLA and Polyjet. This paper discusses the current state of post-processing techniques for additive manufactured advanced polymers and innovations for optimizing the critical support removal step to enable full-scale production.

Download this comprehensive White Paper to discover:

– Challenges and opportunities for support removal of advanced polymer 3D printed parts
– Pros and cons of current post-print support removal techniques
– Considerations in applying traditional manufacturing finishing to 3D printed polymer parts
– How today’s emerging technologies designed for 3D printed parts result in optimized support removal

Check it out today –

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Our sights are set on growth: PostProcess featured in UpStart NY.

We’re really proud to be part of the startup community that is helping drive the renaissance of Buffalo. Heck, Buffalo was even recognized this year as one of a handful of cities nationwide whose entrepreneurship communities are booming. So check out this feature article in UpStart NY, a publication dedicated to telling the stories of people who are changing Western New York through entrepreneurship, that talks about our humble startup beginnings and aggressive growth plans for the future.

You can find the article here.

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The SR BASE Spray System: More than just an Engineer’s Playground

PostProcess BASE System and Engineers

Our Engineering team made a few minutes for a little fun while we prep another automated BASE system for 3D printing support removal to ship out! This big boy is quite an engineering marvel and is poised to be a game-changer, especially for Automotive and Aerospace applications.

The BASE can handle the largest of 3D printed parts (envelope measures 53” W x 30” L x 32” H!). Driven by our proprietary software, the spray technology intelligently post-prints FDM, SLA, and Polyjet – yes, that’s efficient and effective FDM support removal with a spray solution! Because of the inherent porosity of layered filament stacking with FDM, this makes submersible support removal not the ideal solution for most geometries. With the advanced PostProcess spray solution, an atomized spray allows for a quickened support removal without the infiltration of detergents. This means super short cycle times and therefore increased throughput, ideal for AM production environments.

Learn more about the SR BASE Support Removal system.

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