PostProcess is Changing the Game: Our Year in Review 2019

2019 was an exciting year for Additive Manufacturing…a impressive array of announcements and collaborations, record-breaking trade show and conference attendance, and a myriad of exciting applications of 3D printing technology.

Here at PostProcess, we also have some pretty exciting accomplishments and milestones to celebrate. Let’s take a look back at our biggest stories and publications from 2019 as we continue our journey to unleash the transformative power of additive manufacturing with the world’s only data-driven post-printing solution.

  • November – PostProcess Announces $20M Series B Round and European Strategy Expansion. We shared the news of our Series B funding, led by Grand Oaks Capital, the appointment of new EU Channel Partners, and EU facility expansion supported by a grant from regional authorities. Read more here.
  • September Annual Additive Post-Printing Survey: Trends Report 2019. PostProcess launched the first-of-its-kind annual survey report on Additive Manufacturing Post-Printing! We collaborated with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) to query end users on the state of post-processing, a critical but often under-reported final step of 3D printing. Read more here
  • SeptemberToro Selects PostProcess to Implement Automated 3D Post-Printing. In an effort to reduce operator labor, The Toro Company implemented automated post-printing into its additive manufacturing workflow with the BASE support removal solution for their 3D printed FDM parts. Read more here.
  • June – Considerations for Surface Finishing of 3D Printed Inconel 718. 3D printing with metal was one of the hottest topics of the year. We tackled challenge of surface finishing additively manufactured metals and alloys, with focus on the widely-used nickel super-alloy Inconel 718 printed with DMLS technology, in this white paper. Read more here.
  • March – PostProcess Announces Fastest Processing Times in the Industry with new Resin Removal Solution. Our groundbreaking new solution for SLA, CLIP, and DLP resin removal provides dramatically improved processing times of 5-10 minutes, lower operator attendance time with reduced environmental hazards, preservation of fine feature details, and overall improved resin removal from SLA printed parts. Read more here.

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