Maximizing ROI: Switching to an IPA-Free Resin Removal Workflow with PostProcess AUX-400-RINSE

In the world of resin 3D printing, efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness are paramount. One critical aspect of the resin removal workflow is the final rinse step, which historically involved using Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). However, PostProcess has revolutionized this process with the AUX-400-RINSE, completely eliminating the need for IPA in the PostProcess resin removal workflow. AUX-400-RINSE, used after processing parts in the full stack resin removal solution, offers a game-changing rinse step that not only improves safety but also significantly impacts the bottom line. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of switching from traditional IPA to AUX-400-RINSE.

Traditional IPA: The Conventional Choice

For many, IPA has been the traditional solution for resin removal, but its safety and sustainability challenges are driving a shift in the industry.
Its high flammability makes it a hazardous substance, raising concerns about operator safety and workplace accidents. Additionally, IPA contributes to harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, impacting air quality and the environment. As regulations become stricter and environmental consciousness rises, users are seeking alternatives that prioritize both safety and sustainability.

AUX-400-RINSE: A Leap Towards Improved Performance & Sustainability

Enter AUX-400-RINSE, a cutting-edge alternative that not only enhances safety but also proves to be a more economical choice. PostProcess developed AUX-400-RINSE as a groundbreaking alternative to IPA for the final rinse step in response to industry demands for enhanced safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Recognizing the safety and sustainability issues with IPA, PostProcess designed AUX-400-RINSE, providing a safer, environmentally friendly, and more cost-effective solution. AUX-400-RINSE is also notable for its lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) rate compared to IPA, further contributing to a greener approach. By eliminating the need for IPA in the PostProcess comprehensive resin removal workflow, AUX-400-RINSE not only ensures a secure working environment but also improves performance with 3X more parts rinsed than IPA which streamlines operations, reduces material wastage, and promotes a sustainable approach to 3D printing processes.

Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the Final Rinse Step

When considering the TCO, it’s crucial to take multiple factors into consideration. Safety, longevity, evaporation rates, and reusability are pivotal factors in making an informed decision. Here’s why AUX-400-RINSE shines:

  • Improved Safety: AUX-400-RINSE boasts reduced flammability and lower exposure risks compared to IPA, ensuring a safer working environment for operators.
  • Enhanced Longevity: AUX-400-RINSE outperforms IPA by rinsing three times more parts, significantly extending its usability.
  • Reduced Operator Time: With fewer tank changes required (10 fewer changes annually in this scenario), operators save valuable time, contributing to increased productivity.
  • Minimized Solvent Loss: AUX-400-RINSE exhibits approximately 2 times lower evaporation rates compared to IPA, meaning less material wastage and more cost savings.
  • Reusability: AUX-400-RINSE can be easily recovered through simple filtering, allowing for a sustainable and cost-effective solution. IPA, in contrast, cannot be reclaimed in the same manner.

Conclusion: A Safe Investment for the Future

In this comparison, the AUX-400-RINSE emerges as the superior choice for an IPA-free resin removal workflow. Its unparalleled safety features, extended longevity, reduced operator time, minimal solvent loss, and reusability factor into a compelling ROI story. Making the switch from traditional IPA to AUX-400-RINSE isn’t just a cost-effective decision; it’s an investment in a streamlined, sustainable, and safer resin removal process. Choose the PostProcess comprehensive resin removal solution and experience the difference — not just in your workflow but also in your bottom line.


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