Considerations for Optimizing Surface Finishing
of 3D Printed Inconel 718

sparks from 3D printer with laser on a powder bed.Learn about the challenges of surface finishing additively manufactured metals and alloys and opportunities to optimize the process, with focus on the widely-used nickel superalloy Inconel 718, printed with DMLS technology.

With current surface finishing techniques used that are largely expensive, can require significant manual labor, or require the use of hazardous chemicals, this paper analyzes the benefits of a novel alternative method for post-printing the part’s surface. Key considerations are reviewed including part density and hardness, corrosion (chemical) resistance, grain structure, as well as manufacturing factors including the impact of print technology and print orientation on the surface profile.

With this novel approach combining software-driven automation and a patent-pending chemistry solution, surface finishing for Inconel 718 can be dramatically improved in reduced technician touch time and increased consistency and productivity.

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