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Delivering Automated Support Removal.

In additive manufacturing, parts coming off the printer require additional steps to be finished. They are typically encased in structural supports – supports that are required for the unique geometries 3D printing enables. At PostProcess Technologies, our cutting-edge solutions automate support removal using patent-pending Agitation Algorithms™ and exclusive detergents. Our proprietary process reliably removes support materials from all 3D printed parts while reducing cycle time and increasing productivity.

Discover How Our Innovative Solution Can Benefit You.

Unparalleled Consistency

PostProcess ensures that supports on every part are consistently and completely removed - no breakage and no missed supports. Reliability that each part will be identical - all the time, every time.

Increased Throughput

Whether production is in the tens, the hundreds or the thousands, throughput is crucial. PostProcess reduces the cycle time for removing supports and eliminates the manual post-printing ‘bottleneck’.

Greater Productivity

Our extensive engineering expertise allows us to deliver automated support removal on numerous printed parts simultaneously. Our solutions enable technician’s to focus on higher-value activities.

An Inside Look at Our Patent-Pending Technology.

Proprietary Software

We first understand the 3D printing methodology, material and geometry and then apply our multiple technologies, including energy optimization, tightly controlled heat, constant flow and variable revolutions per minute to precisely target and remove supports.

Advanced Hardware

With traditional hardware, technicians with gloved hands use high-pressure hoses to spray off supports, or a technician manually chips away at supports. Our patent-pending machines offer virtually hands-free operation and limited technician attendance. Developed for all 3D materials, our wide range of machines accommodates different part sizes and volumes.

Eco-Friendly Consumables

Our proprietary detergents are the final component of our end-to-end solution. They work in conjunction with our software and hardware to complete automated and intelligent support removal. Our pre-mixed, aqueous-based detergents optimize and expedite the removal of supports while leaving the build material in perfect condition.

Meet the Right Solution for Your Needs.

Design Series

Designed for low volume and high value



Production Series

Designed for high volume and low labor

BASE All Process

DECI 5 All Process

DECI 1-4 Single Process


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