Empire Group Drives Workflow Gains with A Superior Approach to SLA Resin Removal

resin printed object printed with clear resin and supports visible.Yes, even companies who have been utilizing additive manufacturing for more than two decades can face challenges with the third step of the 3D printing process – post-printing. Empire Group, a service bureau specializing in rapid prototyping and industrial design/engineering, has long functioned to bring fast delivery times to its clients. They especially pride themselves on understanding the nuances of each material used within their shop, as well as the best finishing techniques for each, to ensure high product standards.

As veteran users of stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing, Empire Group reaped the benefits of the technology’s accuracy and flexibility. However, the lengthy and tedious resin removal process associated with this workflow soon proved problematic, as it became clear these inefficiencies would escalate into a more critical issue as the workload and number of printers grew. Without an automated solution, the amount of time dedicated to post-printing would only expand as well.

To stay ahead of these looming bottlenecks, Empire Group recently introduced significant time savings to its operation with the incorporation of the only full-stack digital post-printing approach on the market – the PostProcess™ DEMI 800™ Resin Removal solution. The DEMI 800, in combination with PostProcess’s proprietary detergents developed specifically for resin removal, transformed their workflow in a short amount of time. Subsequently, Empire Group was able to leverage shortened post-printing cycle times, refined high-volume production operations, and reallocation of their energy towards more value-added tasks.

View the full case study now to find more out about:

  • The scalability issues Empire Group was facing with traditional post-printing and how the DEMI 800 achieved an average time savings of 50%.
  • How these optimizations have improved overall productivity as well as Empire Group’s bottom line.
  • The details of PostProcess’s patent-pending Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology, and how its cutting-edge software intelligence can be revolutionary for additive operations.

Access the Case Study here.

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