How to Achieve the Fastest Processing Times Possible for SLA Resin Removal

SLA Resin RemovalOur most recent Press Release and White Paper address the topic of messy and cumbersome 3D printed SLA resin removal. We set out to achieve the fastest processing times possible with the development of an enhanced formulation of our chemistry, PLM-402-SUB (formerly named PG1.2), combined with our proprietary SVC technology to achieve unmatched end part consistency and hands-free automation.

This comparison chart is just a sampling of the data presented in the White Paper. The data demonstrates the unparalleled longevity of our PLM-402-SUB chemistry, which provides for resin removal on up to 1000 trays (average tray size = 15″) before reaching saturation. This increased longevity also reduces the costs of waste disposal and machine downtime as fewer detergent changeouts are required. The solution reduces the overall number of steps and chemical applications required from print to finish, driving increased productivity for technicians.

The White Paper explores in more detail how the PostProcess solution achieves the fastest resin removal on the market, cleaning trays of parts in 5-10 minutes, validated in multiple production environment test scenarios with 8 different resin materials.

To learn more, download the White Paper HERE.

Read the press release announcement on this innovation HERE.

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