Ready to Unlock your Full Potential for PolyJet 3D Printing?

The traditional approach to PolyJet support removal is not optimized for today’s additive manufacturing world. If the bulk of your PolyJet support removal is still done by hand or with outdated equipment, you likely deal with unnecessarily long wait times and warped or inconsistently finished parts. You deserve a support removal solution that’s conducive to softer materials and parts with more complex internal channels. At PostProcess, we are solely focused on solutions that solve additive manufacturing’s post-printing bottleneck problem.

Three factors set us apart from others in the post-printing industry. Our comprehensive solution to PolyJet post-printing includes:

Our automated and intelligent solution is trusted to tackle all of your PolyJet support removal needs. By unlocking your full potential for PolyJet 3D printing, you can scale your operations exponentially. Check it out:

  • Reduced Labor & Operator Error with a simple, software-controlled, intuitive interface. AUTOMAT3D®, the software behind our technology, utilizes sensor monitoring for agitation control that can reduce breakage PolyJet rates to as low as 0.1%.
  • Increased Throughput by more than 30% compared to traditional manual water blasting, making the PostProcess PolyJet support removal the fastest system on the market.
  • Advanced Process Controls utilize the technology  to control multiple energy sources to optimize PolyJet support removal. This is essential for parts that have very complex intricate details or very thin and fragile walls.
  • Increased Consistency & Reduced Damage through our SVC technology’s pump scheme that ensures “parts that float sink, and parts that sink float.” In other words, regardless of density or geometry, SVC will ensure that the part is uniformly exposed to the detergent and cavitation from the ultrasonics, enabling a uniform finish.

Need more convincing? Protolabs is one of the many companies that realized significant and quick return-on-investment with a PostProcess support removal solution, reducing labor time by 50% and effectively freeing up 20 valuable labor hours per week. Read more about their experience here.


Ready to learn more? Discover the ideal solutions for PolyJet support removal here.


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