Looking at the Numbers…An ROI Study on the DECI Support Removal System vs. Current Post-Printing Method

Spray Support Removal ROI for 3D printingWe know that the best way to tell the story about how our technology drives increased throughput, reduces technician attendance time, and delivers value is with real, hard numbers.

So we put together this actual customer example from the healthcare industry to show how the PostProcess DECI automated support removal solution delivers ROI in a number of ways.

This calculation considers the current post-printing method with a manual water jet spray system and a cycle time of 30 minutes.

With the customer’s current print production of 400 parts per day, the PostProcess DECI automated spray solution offers incredible benefits in:

-increased parts per cycle from 20 to 51
-reduced technician time per cycle from 30 to 4 minutes

along with an overall reduction in cost and percentage of damaged parts.

The DECI system also offers benefits in performing support removal, rinsing, and drying in one large work envelope and is especially suited for FDM, SLA, and CLIP print technologies.

While each customer’s productivity savings will vary, many see a return on investment in a matter of weeks with PostProcess’ automated, intelligent solutions.

Check out the full suite of Support Removal systems here.

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