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Explore live panels, webinars, and demos centered on forward-looking trends and technologies that are key to unlocking the future of additive’s growth.

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PANEL: Leveraging the Power of Digital to Propel Additive Beyond Prototyping
Moderated by Sarah Goehrke

In this powerhouse panel, we’ll be talking about the role of data and connected processes in enabling additive manufacturing’s potential. What challenges does the industry face to realize this goal? How does software, materials, and post-printing play a role? Join us for a lively discussion including real-time polling and interactive Q&A.

WEBINAR: AM Factory of the Future and the Role of the Digital Twins

What are the ingredients needed to transform Additive Manufacturing from a TecCenter driven niche to a normal serial production? Tune in to an interactive session and learn about the role of the digital twins along the digital threat and how this can solve current production challenges for metal powder bed fusion on the shop floor. Examples from the collaboration of machine builder and user together with Siemens will be explored and should stimulate your journey towards increasing efficiency, productivity, quality and increase throughput.

DEMO: Faster FDM Finishing for Next Level Productivity – Guided Demo of Automation in Action

Join one of our expert Engineers as they guide attendees on a real-time group tour of automated support removal and surface finishing solutions for FDM printing. This presentation will delve into the scalability enabled by full-stack solutions, including proprietary software, hardware, and chemistry. Tune in to see how the proprietary AUTOMAT3D™ platform can enable transformative benefits and engage in real-time Q&A and polling.

WEBINAR: Workflow Validation as Key to Success: Why True Additive Manufacturing Require Unique Chemistries and Automated Post-Processing

The delivery of consistent results within the 3D Printing Process – from a liquid resin to printing, washing, post-processing, and then final part – requires exact documentation and cooperation between material suppliers and equipment providers. Learn more about workflow validation and how Henkel is engaging with different printer partners to achieve consistent results in AM volume productions and meeting specifications for certifications.

DEMO: Thinking Additively: Planning your Additive Journey for Industry 4.0

The future of additive in Industry 4.0 requires a more advanced solution that allows for connective digital interplay across systems. In this presentation, PostProcess will live demo its beta CONNECT3D™ software which leverages the native CAD-file or 3D printer sliced files to automatically define the necessary requirements and algorithms for post-printing.

WEBINAR: What’s On the Horizon for Post-Printing: Insights from Market Trends Survey 2020

In 2020, PostProcess Technologies released its second annual Additive Manufacturing Post-Printing Trends Report, with insights tabulated from their survey on the topic. Attend this presentation as we share data only available here on current trends, methods, pain points, and prospects for the 3D post-printing sector.

Composite 3D Printing: Why Additive’s Future Requires Faster, Stronger, Lighter Parts

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