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A selection of live panels, webinars, and demos tackle present-day additive business needs like increasing adoption success, optimizing ROI, and streamlining operations.

Q&A: Print Parts – Lessons Learned in Rapid Scale-Up for NYC COVID Response

When the going got tough in the midst of the pandemic, Print Parts utilized their 3D printing expertise to manufacture over 1 million COVID-19 test applicators in just weeks, subsequently expanding its lab tenfold. Join this webinar as we discuss lessons learned through rapid scaling, flipping to emergency supply production, and how PostProcess’s automated post-printing solution enabled these efforts.

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PANEL: Breaking Down Barriers to Additive’s Adoption: The User’s Perspective
Moderated by Sarah Goehrke

World-class companies like Google X, Ford, and other industry leaders are using additive manufacturing to advance their businesses. What do they think it will take to broaden AM for more widespread adoption? Join us in this expert discussion that includes real-time polling and live Q&A to hear perspectives on unleashing the power of additive to the world.

DEMO: Rethinking Resin Removal for Speed and Safety – Guided Demo of Automation in Action

Embark with us on a real-time group tour of automated 3D post-printing focused on revolutionary technology for resin removal for SLA, DLP, and CLIP. Conducted by an expert engineer broadcasting from our lab, see full-stack technology encompassing software, hardware, and chemistry and engage in real-time Q&A.

WEBINAR: Why Today’s FDM Must Evolve: Shifting from Rapid Prototyping to Rapid Production

3DGence will share their expertise in printing Advanced and High-Temperature materials (ULTEM™, CF-PEEK, PEKK, and more), which are extending the applications of end-use parts. Many of these materials are being used for metal replacement in Aerospace, Automotive, and Medical industries. 3DGence will also highlight their soluble support capabilities, which significantly enhances design freedom and range, and how post-processing is enabling this shift to rapid production.

WEBINAR: DfAM for FDM Post-Printing: Live Design Demo

On average, post-printing accounts for 23% of a 3D-printed polymer part’s total cost. The key to efficient post-printing lies very early on in the additive process – the design phase. Attend this presentation to learn how to optimize your FDM part design for a streamlined post-printing process that maximizes time, material, and cost savings.

WEBINAR: Mitigating the Five Major Post-Printing Pitfalls When Launching with Additive

You’ve decided to take the leap and implement additive manufacturing. While it may be tempting to direct your focus on design and printing, evaluating your entire operation, including post-printing, is essential to success. This webinar will walk you through common pitfalls that are often underestimated when launching with 3D printing, and how to avoid them.

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