Chemistry Advancements for Automated Resin Removal:
New 403 Formulation

The world’s fastest automated Resin Removal solution just got better.

With increased safety and longevity, learn more about this new chemistry formulation (PLM-403-SUB) that beats out IPA and TPM across the board. Download the Application Note to discover more about this addition to the industry’s only software-driven Resin Removal system, including:

Outstanding Longevity: With superior longevity compared to typical resin removal solvents like IPA, TPM, and DPM (and specifically 6x the longevity of IPA) this advancement means more infrequent chemical changeouts. This allows for a safer working environment, with less machine downtime.

Sustainable & Cost-Effective: A longer life cycle reduces the frequency of waste disposal. Disposing of uncured resin in solutions can be hazardous and costly. Once saturated with resin, 90%+ of this chemistry by saturation weight (amount of resin in solution) can be recovered for repeat use by distillation.

Optimized for Safety: Resin-based 3D printing users report having the most concerns about safety in their post-printing operation of all 3D print technologies. With a higher flashpoint and lower vapor pressure than its predecessor or IPA, this new chemistry is considered a “non-flammable liquid” and reduces flammability risk while maintaining safety for technicians.

Alleviation of Storage Concerns: Limitations on the amount of flammable/combustible chemistries that can be kept on-site can be troublesome for large-scale resin removal. This chemistry’s heightened flashpoint allows for much higher amounts of the solution to be stored in a single facility.


Explore the transformative benefits of the PostProcess automated Resin Removal Solution.

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