Now Available - Annual Additive Post-Printing Trends Report

After conducting the first-ever Additive Manufacturing Post-Printing Survey in 2019, PostProcess Technologies has released its 2nd Annual Additive Post-Printing Trends Report. Derived from the results of their 2020 survey, this report will give you an in-depth look into the end-user perspective of common methods and challenges in 3D Post-Printing [Post-Processing]. Seeing an exponential growth in participant numbers from the preceding year, the PostProcess team has tabulated and summarized the survey data with key highlights and insights. These findings are published in a one-of-a-kind comprehensive industry report. Some of the key highlights include:


  • For respondents using print technologies that are closest to production, these individuals are reporting the highest post-printing expenditures and most challenges with labor usage.


  • Respondents using Material Extrusion, such as FDM, have the most difficulty with damaged parts. Traditional methods of manually removing supports and sanding, as well as dunk tanks that can warp parts, are a possible culprit.


  • The majority of respondents in high growth markets – Automotive, Aerospace, and Defense – report that their current post-print methods are already a challenge to meeting their current additive manufacturing goals



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