Soluzioni per l’acqua di processo

We have engineered our Process Water Management System to be capable of producing highly filtered water to meet your manufacturing environment requirements. Utilizing continuous filtering through multiple chambers and tanks, the patent-pending system moves dirty water through the system where solids are filtered – from 250 micro down to 1 micron.

Our Process Water Management System is an independent system that works in combination with our Production Series machines including our Support Removal, Surface Finishing, and Hybrid machines. This further optimizes the performance of our solutions and eliminates environmental issues. In addition, the compact design also includes an LED lighted enclosure.

Our Process Water Management System provides a low dBa feature for lower noise on the production floor – “library quiet” as we like to call it.


AUTOMAT3D™ Caratteristiche softwares

  • Cicli intelligenti
  • Algoritmi di agitazione di proprietà

Caratteristiche hardware

  • Interfaccia digitale Beckhoff™
    • Impostazioni personalizzabili
    • Imposta e salva programmi per i cicli futuri
  • Copertura rivestita di vernice in polvere
  • Compatible with all PostProcess Production Series machines
  • Easy to change filters
  • Solid waste chamber
  • Rotelle per un’installazione facilitata

Dimensioni e peso

  • Ingombro macchinario: 36” L x 54” W X 72” H
    • Si adatta a uno sportello standard
  • On demand capacity of 40 gallons
  • Peso approssimativo: 1,200 lbs. empty; 2,200 lbs. full


  • Voltaggio: 240V
  • Amperaggio: 30A
  • Connettore: NEMA L14-30P

Materiali e tecnologie

  • All 3D print materials
  • All 3D print technologies

Caratteristiche di sicurezza

  • Stop di emergenza
  • Liquid level sensors
  • Rispetta tutte le norme OSHA