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Multifunctionality. Maximum Efficiency.
Space Saving Footprint.

Reliably delivering high-quality uniformity for every part, every time – even with the most complex geometries. Developed to address the most complex and rugged of today’s additive manufacturing materials, our DECI Duo delivers fast cycle times by optimizing energy to meet your desired specifications. Find out more on our FAQ page.

Benefits of PostProcess Surface Finish Solutions.

Unparalleled Consistency

PostProcess delivers consistent support removal and surface finishing on every part to exacting standards. Our automated solution ensures no part breakage, no missed supports and precise surface finish to your specified Roughness Average (Ra).

Increased Throughput

PostProcess understands the crucial nature of production throughput to achieve growing volumes of 3D printed parts. Our trusted solutions reduce the cycle time for surface finishing, continually ensuring your production volumes are achieved.

Greater Productivity

PostProcess harnesses extensive expertise to address surface finishing on superalloy metals at much faster speeds than manual processing.

How it Works.

Proprietary Software

We first understand the 3D printing methodology, material and geometry; and then implement a solution for your requirements. Our proprietary software has been developed to include variable levels of focused agitation which adjust for tightly controlled heat, constant detergent flow and variable air pressure to ensure the right level of surface finish.

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Advanced Hardware

Compressed air works as a propellant for suspended solid media, within the chamber, to deliver accurate surface finishing. The DECI Duo has been designed to accomplish surface finishing in one space saving footprint to maximize utilization of production floor space.

Additive Formulated Detergents & Media

Detergents and suspended solids have been developed specifically for 3D metal parts and high-performance plastics. Working in conjunction with our proprietary software, patent-pending hardware and our exclusive consumables we produce the right mixture to be discharged over the surface and provide exacting surface finishing.

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Meet the DECI Duo.

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