The Building Blocks of SRF Technology

PostProcess RADOR™ using SRF Technology

Welcome to the third in our series of four blog posts highlighting each of PostProcess’ proprietary technology approaches. Here, we will take a deep dive into Suspended Rotational Force (SRF), utilized in our Surface Finish family of solutions.

The building blocks that drive the performance of our SRF technology are the following:

  • Our proprietary detergent
  • Our proprietary abrasive media
  • Our AUTOMAT3D® software

Now let’s dig into what’s so special about each one of these components:

Proprietary Detergent:
First off, I want you to understand that we are not leveraging any chemical energy in this technology. This detergent was explicitly designed by our chemists to optimize the mechanical, abrasive energy that is provided by the media. The detergent ensures the additive manufactured part being processed can circulate through the media as well as wash away any broken down media or part material that accumulates during processing. When you’re thinking SRF detergent, you’re thinking media optimization. By optimizing the media, we are ensuring consistency throughout the batch. Using one detergent that is safe for all materials gives you the freedom to process a variety of materials in one batch.


Proprietary Abrasive Media:
SRF TechnologyNow onto the real work-horse of our SRF technology – media. Our development engineers performed extensive testing on a variety of different materials, shapes, and sizes of abrasive media to determine the most effective combination specific to additive manufactured materials. Depending on your application, our engineers will help you choose the right media based on your finishing requirements. With the range of offerings we provide, you can address multiple materials in one batch for a more one-size-fits-all approach. Alternatively, we can choose a specific material, density, shape, and size tailored to your part material and geometry.

Now that you know the role of the detergent and media, you now understand the Suspended aspect of SRF. With the 3D printed part suspended in the media/detergent mixture, these two components alone have provided you with the most advanced and additive-specific abrasive technology. But in real PostProcess nature, we take it to another level and give it a brain.


AUTOMAT3D Software:
By introducing software, we are providing our customers with an unprecedented level of process insight and control. In our SRF technology, our AUTOMAT3D software is controlling the friction force that a part is experiencing to provide process flexibility. The software comes pre-loaded with four different customizable agitation settings. These settings allow you to alter your process specific to how much friction force is applied to each batch of parts to adjust to different materials and geometries effortlessly. Additionally, AUTOMAT3D keeps you in the loop with what is happening with your machine with process monitoring. By keeping you up to date with tank levels and respective smart cycle times, we allow you to plan ahead for maintenance and minimize downtime.

With a better understanding of the software, you now know the Force aspect in SRF. Where does Rotational fit? That part is simple. When the motor in our machines kick on, a vibratory motion is initiated, moving whatever media/part mixture is sitting within the part envelope in a circular motion along the Y (vertical) axis. While the parts are suspended, the media/detergent mixture will rotate as a result of the circulating motion. This motion will ensure uniform exposure of the part to the media/detergent mixture and provide the consistent results that we promise. This summarizes the Rotational component of our SRF technology.


Suspended Rotational Force should make a lot more sense now, but how can you know if it is right for your application? Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and get the benchmark process started.


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