The Economics of 3D Post-Printing Automation: An Example from the Field

Post-Printing Automation Analysis of systemsOne of the things that gets our team most excited is showing customers how automated post-printing can transform their business. While a full analysis of the ROI requires a rigorous quantitative approach, we’ve narrowed down the investigation to a few key drivers that help frame the value proposition for a company to invest in automated 3D post-printing.

The benefits that can be realized with automation go beyond “show me the money”. Customers begin to think about the limitless possibilities that additive manufacturing promised. Their throughput can be scaled to reach their business goals faster. Overall operational productivity can be increased with reduced manual labor and resource utilization in other critical areas.

So today we’re sharing a real example from a consumer goods customer who’s had that “aha” moment. Their implementation of our DEMI 800 Production Series submersible support removal system (formerly named the DECI 4) has opened up a whole new world of productivity for their PolyJet print operation:

-decreased technician touch time per part 90% from 35 to 3.25 minutes
-reduced total cost per part 86% from $31.04 to $4.83

Want to learn more about how the DEMI 800 works? Check out this video of automated Polyjet Support Removal with yet another customer application. You can also contact us anytime and we will help you walk through our ROI calculator to learn more about the benefits to your unique additive manufacturing operation.

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