Mechanical Treatment to Achieve Transparency in SLA Components

3D printed SLA bottle held in front of 3D printerThere are exciting new developments in 3D printed SLA parts for transparency applications, such as bottles, car lenses, and other geometries. Previously, an SLA printed part would need to be cut in half for sanding, which would then require it to be bonded again. Now, these parts can be finished using an automated post-printing process that is completely hands-free with just two steps.

The first step smooths the part as if thoroughly sanded by hand, but with an automated machine solution and therefore without costly labor. The second step removes the imperfections in the material that tremendously reduce or eliminate light refraction which cause the cloudiness. The intelligent system facilitating this process is capable of running several parts of the same geometry at one time, saving thousands of dollars per month within just this application.

Eliminating the manual smoothing/sanding and chemical treatment for clarity during post-printing reduces the overall cycle time by days, therefore driving savings in labor cost and improving time to market. PostProcess Technologies’ series of Surface Finishing systems uses finely tuned frequencies/energy that are gentle enough for these types of components, with more powerful on-demand energy for the most robust parts or materials.

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