Software-Driven. Production-ready.

The CONNECT3D® Additive Manufacturing Platform provides a multi-dimensional foundation that addresses long-standing gaps in the post-printing market. It applies AI capabilities to automatically generate optimized recipes for unique, part-specific requirements. The platform also leverages Industrial IoT capabilities to optimize solution performance and maximize customer value. CONNECT3D provides:

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the progress of your machine from any tablet or desktop. Know exactly what is happening without having to be next to the machine

Remote Notifications

Enable notifications of user selected warnings and alarms via email and SMS. Keep an eye on your progress wherever you are.

Data Collection

Run customer data collection templates for each machine to understand how your machine’s performing. Easily export the data into your favorite database or BI tool.

Recipe Generation

Generate new recipes and push them to any PostProcess solution. Leverage the digitized knowledge of thousands of benchmarked parts to find the perfect recipe.

Planning & Scheduling

Schedule and execute jobs directly to the machine. Enable traceability by linking parts, recipes, & machines. Ensure the right parts get the right treatment.

API Integration

Integrate PostProcess into your operational and administrative workflows through a full complement of REST APIs.

Demo the CONNECT3D™ Software Platform

Experience the first and only software platform for the digital thread for smart additive manufacturing to move beyond design and print, all the way through to the final post-printing. Today in additive manufacturing, data is captured and connected in the design and printing phases. The digital thread for a 3D part is cut off prior to its final finished stage. CONNECT3D links the finishing, or post-printing stage, to the part’s digital thread. 

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