Our Team Combines Expertise with a Pioneering Spirit

Our leadership team brings to PostProcess Technologies extensive experience from high-growth industry leaders in advanced technology, driving our company with an energizing, pioneering spirit.

CEO Leader PostProcess Jeff Mize

Jeff Mize

Jeff Mize, our CEO, brings an extensive background in rapidly scaling technology startups and creating fast, flexible and fun environments – as well as mastery of the power nap. He was the commercial leader behind the rapid growth of Climate Corporation (digital agricultural platform) and NAVTEQ Corporation (digital maps), selling for $1.1B to Monsanto and $8.1B to Nokia, respectively. Jeff received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Champaign, so he can hold his own in meetings with our really smart Engineering team.

Founder CTO PostProcess Daniel Hutchinson

Daniel J. Hutchinson

Daniel J. Hutchinson, PostProcess founder, President, and CTO, leveraged his naval training in radar interrogation and signal analysis to develop our patent-pending technology. Prior to founding PostProcess, Daniel was with Northrop Grumman developing signal analysis equipment but dreaming of the startup life. He served in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserve, where he was twice distinguished as Sailor of the Year, having been honored at the White House. While attempting to break the world record for number of college credits earned, Daniel received 3 engineering degrees (E.E., M.E., C.S.) as well an MBA.

Director of Marketing PostProcess

Diana Robbins

Diana Robbins, Director of Marketing, is accomplished in leading Marketing, Business Development, and Inside Sales to drive exponential growth. Diana directs all aspects of Marketing, including copywriting, so she is exempt from writing something witty about herself. She brings considerable experience in B2B marketing in advanced manufacturing and material processing industries to PostProcess and holds an MBA from University at Buffalo.

Operations Leadership Manufacturing at PostProcess

Bob Bosinski

Bob Bosinski, Vice President of Operations, is a start-up veteran, experienced in designing and deploying robust processes and systems to enable rapid expansion. Bob spent 24 years with AirSep Corporation from its start-up stage through post-acquisition and aims to recreate that magic here at PostProcess…but a lot faster. Bob earned a master’s degree in Industrial Technology from Buffalo State College. In his spare time, Bob enjoys following Buffalo sports, demonstrating his perpetual patience as he prays for a championship title during his lifetime.

PostProcess Software Engineering

"If I have an idea, I can voice it knowing my suggestions are truly heard. I’ve proposed improvements and been empowered to rapidly execute them to shape the future of our product line."

Andrew, Engineering
3D Print Technical Engineer

"My passion for hands-on engineering began with the FIRST Robotics Competition in high school. Now I put that passion to work daily designing machines and give back by mentoring young aspiring engineers."

Brian, Engineering
PostProcess Employee

"We’ve started something here that no else thought of. So education is critical to show people that this problem can actually be solved elegantly. I’m excited to forge the path for that effort."

Andy, Training

"Our open office layout creates a dynamic, collaborative environment. As a startup, it works because there’s always a lot of balls in the air and everyone is collaborating real-time."

Denise, Administration
PostProcess Chemistry Engineering for Additive Manufacturing

"I fell in love with chemistry as a kid because of hands-on experimentation and now I live that everyday, scaling up our solutions and applying them in actual production."

Cassidy, Engineering
PostProcess Employee

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Jim, Sales
PostProcess Software Engineering

"The collaborative environment within a startup company was attractive after my experience in a large corporate environment. Designing and evolving the user’s machine experience is unique and very rewarding."

Dan, Engineering
PostProcess Customer Operations

"I joined PostProcess as employee #2 from a large company where the culture was already in place. Here, I get to help create our values from the ground up that define our company culture. "

Lisa, Operations
PostProcess Software Engineering

"I’m driven by the opportunity to create the architecture for today’s software and the roadmap for tomorrow’s advancements. It’s exciting that what we’re creating will be the future of an entire industry."

Hugh, Engineering
PostProcess Engineering Post Print 3D Parts

"We problem solve quickly and we're all knowledgeable in many areas. I love that I’ve had a hand in every one of our systems in some way."

Gary, Engineering
PostProcess Employee

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Chris, Engineering
Application Engineering Jobs 3D Printing Buffalo

"It's all about problem-solving for me. I see the profound impact we make when customers stop wasting time with picks, files and stone age finishing equipment and implement an automated solution."

Jason, Engineering
Application Engineering for PostProcess

"There's a unique opportunity at a startup to take ownership of projects you wouldn't otherwise...everyone wears a lot of hats and you take on things that push you to grow."

John, Engineering
PostProcess Employee

"I joined PostProcess to contribute to the innovation of technology for the additive manufacturing industry. It's easy to see the impact our solutions have on the customer's consistency and throughput."

Mike, Engineering
PostProcess Additive Manufacturing Operations

"I love being part of a company contributing to the revitalization of Buffalo, with both our rapid job growth and partnering with local vendors as much as possible."

Kelly, Operations
PostProcess Employee

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Jon, Sales
3D Post Printing Engineering Manager

"We’re the first ones to let software control the process. Creating something that didn't exist means we know how to move quickly and use everything we learn to get better."

Marc, Engineering
Manufacturing Operations Career Buffalo NY

"There's something different coming in every day. The fact that I am able to be hands-on with a huge range of parts from household name brands is proof that we are touching every part of manufacturing."

Nate, Operations
PostProcess Finance Accounting

"The opportunity to be part of something transformative does not come along often...I know what I am doing, no matter how small, is moving us toward something really big."

Rachel, Accounting
PostProcess Engineering support

"Being on the forefront of the next revolution in Additive Manufacturing is incredibly exciting for me. We are pioneering our way to creating solutions to industry needs.”

Mike, Marketing
3D Printing Engineering Patent Attorney

"PostProcess is the perfect fit for me as a Shark Tank fan. I’m doing something new every day in helping build the foundation of the patent portfolio for our technology."

Nick, In-House Patent Agent

"The ability to make an impact daily on the direction of the company is exciting. Each day is dynamic and it allows me to use a variety of the skills I have learned throughout my career."

Chris, Engineering
PostProcess Employee

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Rick, Engineering
PostProcess Business Development

"Having been a technology guru all my life and now being part of the rebirth of Buffalo makes every day here one of the most exciting times of my life.”

Rick, Business Development
PostProcess Employee

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Rob, Finance
Field Engineering 3D Post Processing

"As a Field Engineer, I see customer feedback translated quickly into product development and continuous improvement. We want to preserve that spirit of innovation no matter how big we get."

Nick, Engineering
PostProcess Sales Engineering 3D Printing

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Ryan, Sales
PostProcess Employee

"Since day one I have been able to make a real impact and help shape the future of our technology. I love that I’m a key team member, not just another desk in a field of cubicles."

Rowan, Engineering
Engineering for Additive Post Printing

"I’ve seen high volume manufacturing firsthand and understand the complexities of integrating new methods. Being the only solution provider to address the biggest obstacle to additive’s growth is motivating."

Pete, Engineering
PostProcess Employee

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Robby, Inside Sales
PostProcess Employee

Coming soon!

Tom, Engineering

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