Why Automated Post-Printing Should be Part of your Additive Manufacturing Workflow

Many companies have begun to implement additive manufacturing into their production workflows. While additive manufacturing can help increase your production capabilities, it can also come with an increased number of parts that need to be processed, creating massive bottlenecks in your workflow and processes if you aren’t careful. With this in mind, you may want to consider an automated post-printing solution to help maximize your production.

Traditional Post-Printing Methods
Most 3D printed parts require some sort of post-processing to get them customer-ready. Traditional post-printing methods include the use of hand tools, water jets, and sandpaper. Hand-sanding, manual debulking, and support removal by hand increases the time to create a part, affecting your bottom line. Your finished parts may also be inconsistent, so even after investing a significant amount of time and money, you may still not be able to use that traditionally finished part.

Why Automate your Process?
It’s evident that traditional post-printing methods can affect your additive manufacturing workflow. Bottlenecks can cause major backups and increase turnaround times. Your results can also be inconsistent due to the manual labor required.

Automating your post-printing process may be a great option to help your additive manufacturing operation run smoother, have more consistent parts, and increase your throughput. It can ease many of the setbacks and additional time and labor expected with traditional post-printing processes. High-quality parts with a repeatable, consistent post-printing process can revolutionize your additive operation and allow you to scale up the capabilities of your operation.

How to Integrate Automation to Scale Your Additive Manufacturing
How can you integrate automation into your post-printing? We here at PostProcess were the first company to pioneer fully automated post-printing solutions specifically for AM, connecting end-to-end digitization from the design step to the post-print step. Our automated solutions use a patent-pending combination of integrated technologies: software, hardware, and chemistry, to help eliminate manual labor in the post-printing process.

Our friendly, intuitive software digitizes post-printing. It’s developed from hundreds of benchmark parts of all technologies and materials. Our tailored recipes ensure a precise finish, reducing your operator attendance time and enabling scalability and volume production printing.

It’s clear that automation during post-printing simply makes sense. It could also be a crucial part of your additive manufacturing process. Are you interested in learning more about our automated, intelligent, and comprehensive post-printing solutions? Contact us today!


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