PostProcess & CUBRC. A match made in missions.

CUBRCToday we announced our partnership with CUBRC, a leader in machine learning research, development, testing, and systems integration, to leverage their cutting-edge Heartwood Analytics™ suite for our next-generation 3D post-printing software platforms. You can read the full press release here.

We’re proud to be working with a hometown, Buffalo-based organization and trusted leader in delivering innovation in data science and information fusion technologies. CUBRC’s mission to “turn great ideas into advantage through technology” pairs perfectly with PostProcess’ mission. We aim to deliver advantage by helping customers streamline and optimize their post-printing to harness the full potential of Additive Manufacturing. PostProcess and CUBRC’s shared passion for the power of data and our matching missions are a great foundation for the start of an exciting partnership.

So today, in the spirit of celebrating what is to come in our next-generation software platforms, we want to recap some of our most interesting prior posts on software in case you missed them:

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