You use software and data upstream…but not at the finish line?

You use a software design package to create your 3D printed part. Data and analytics validate your design. A complex robot prints your part. And to ensure your part repeatedly meets specifications, you rely on yesterday’s labor-intensive tools for post-processing? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. But there is a solution that leverages software and data through the finish line to fully optimize your additive manufacturing operation.

Operators have a keen understanding of what a final part should look like, feel like, and how to get there. But they are human – they get tired and their ‘look and feel’ will vary. At PostProcess, we have digitized tribal knowledge for all 3D print technologies to minimize human error with an automated solution delivering repeatable and predictable cycle with minimal attendance required.

Our AUTOMAT3D™ software is proactively sending ‘directions’ to our hardware every 60 seconds and reading key indicators every 30 seconds to ‘check its work’. This is like having an expert team surrounding your skilled labor performing a continuous quality audit. Our comprehensive solution of software, hardware, and chemistry work together offering a proven investment that will allow you to utilize those human experts more effectively.

Chart comparing PostProcess software design

These are just a few examples of how PostProcess’ technology maximizes your upstream technology to stabilize quality, rebalance your workflow, and free up skilled labor downstream. If you thought your 3D printer would get you out of the dark ages, but you are still relying on tools from yesteryear, PostProcess has a solution for you.

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