Recorded: Wednesday May 20, 2020
Speakers: Nick Cudzilo, Senior Applications Engineer & Andy Kottage, Director of Customer Success


Sorry you missed it… but it’s not too late!

How will tomorrow’s additive workflow achieve end-to-end digitalization?

The promise of additive’s widespread adoption hinges on its ability to serve the factory floor of the future. But how can this be achieved with today’s disconnected process steps and heavy manual intervention?

This presentation will discuss how the future of AM in Industry 4.0 requires a more sophisticated solution allowing for connective digital interplay across systems. PostProcess will live demo its beta CONNECT3D® solution from its lab in Buffalo, NY, USA, offering a closed-loop solution in which data can be used to feed design and build steps in real-time.

You’ll learn how connecting data across smart systems is transformative to end part results and business outcomes, with the ability to:

– Operate & monitor from anywhere anytime
– Optimize finishing per part design
– Execute real-time planning & decision-making
– Fully automate to allow scaling into millions of parts per year

Download the recording to see the key to the future of additive manufacturing’s end-to-end connection. 


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